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Advanced Materials and Structures Lab

Under the leadership of Andrew Makeev, the Advanced Materials and Structures Lab is using its state-of-the-art facilities and an innovative approach to enable a fundamental shift from relying on the traditional time-consuming trial-and-error experimentation loops and empiricism in the design of composite materials and structures, to efficient diagnostics and prognosis methods. These rely upon three-dimensional imaging and performance prediction based on accurate computational tools.

This fundamental shift is needed in many engineering, biological, and medical applications. One example is the critical need for more durable composite materials for warfighting aircraft flight-critical components and structure. Previous efforts to develop analysis techniques capable of predicting the life of aircraft composite structures by the materials and structures research communities were not successful during the last few decades due to poor understanding of the complexity and interaction of failure modes in composite structures. AMSL researchers, in collaboration with Bell Helicopter Textron under the ONR-funded Integration of Design and Manufacturing Processes to Improve Performance of Composites project, have unequivocally demonstrated that inherent variability of the manufacturing processes of composite parts introduces defects which affect their structural performance.

The analysis technology being developed at AMSL is able to (1) capture the material structure geometry including anomalies such as manufacturing defects in three dimensions; (2) measure all key mechanical properties associated with their highly-anisotropic structure using the minimum number of tests; and (3) transfer the material topography and properties into a multi-scale structural analysis model that captures multiple, interacting failure modes dominated by the building blocks of the composite material system. It is not the individual elements of the analysis technology but their integration that enables the breakthrough in the development of an infrastructure to accelerate the pace of discovery and deployment of the advanced composite materials and structures in the United States to achieving global competitiveness in the 21st century.


  • Andrew Makeev, Ph.D., Director
  • Erian Armanios, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department
  • Yuri Nikishkov, Ph.D., Faculty Research Associate
  • Brian Shonkwiler, Engineering Research Scientist
  • Guillaume Seon, Ph.D., Engineering Research Scientist

Current Graduate Students

  • Sarvenaz Ghaffari (Ph.D.)
  • Bastiaan van der Vossen (Ph.D.)
  • Md. Saddam Hossain (Ph.D.)


  • Guillaume Seon, Ph.D. (AMSL)
  • Ekaterina Bostaph, Ph.D. (SpaceX)
  • Paige Carpentier, Ph.D., (Motorola R&D)
  • Julia Cline, Ph.D., (ARL)


  • Office of Naval Research
  • Boeing

Selected Publications

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