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Partner Registration - Engineering Saturdays at The University of Texas at Arlington

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Engineering Saturdays
Engineering SaturdaysEngineering Saturdays
Engineering Saturdays
Engineering Saturdays
Engineering Saturdays

Come join us in outreach to students!

Engineering Saturdays is our school-year program to showcase hands-on engineering fun and provide flexibility for a family with different ages to all find interesting things to do.
We're looking for companies, groups, and individuals who would like to present hands-on engineering activities and information to students.
Come join us on Sept. 23, 2017, then November 18, 2017, and then April 14, 2018.
Engineering Saturdays

Calling All Partners in Engineering Outreach!

You and your organization have the most important role in Engineering Saturdays.

You provide the FUN!

You choose your audience from the age groups listed below. Tell us how many students you can accommodate (up to 30). You decide what activity and information are appropriate for your hour and a half module that appeal to your audience.

Then, based on the schedule below, you could present your module one time (in any session) or two times or even during all three sessions. You tell us how many times you'd like to present your activity on Engineering Saturday. Students coming to Engineering Saturday will choose their activities as they sign in on a first-come, first-served basis.

UTA College of Engineering is advertising the event, registering the students, providing the venue, and managing the overall activity.

You show up, bring your best stuff, reach out to the students, and have FUN!

Click here to download the Engineering Saturday Presenter Form

Engineering Saturday structure

Engineering Saturdays will have fun, hands-on activities within each module of the schedule. Multiple modules are scheduled during each session and each module lasts for the full duration of the sessions. The sessions occur at the times listed below.

Session 1 : 9:00am - 10:30am
Session 2 : 10:45am - 12:15pm
Session 3: 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Sign in starts 30 minutes prior to each session block

Each module will be targeted to certain age levels. The age levels break down as follows:

Activity age levels :
* High School grades (9th - 12th): age-appropriate engineering presentations and hands-on activities
* Middle School grades (6th - 8th) : age-appropriate engineering presentations and hands-on activities
* Upper Elementary grades (3rd - 5th grade): age-appropriate presentations and hands-on activities
* Lower Elementary (age 4 - 2nd grade) : age-appropriate presentations and hands-on activities or monitored building activities with cornstarch blocks, coloring pages of engineering pictures
* Below School Age (Infant - age 3) [EACH BELOW SCHOOL AGE CHILD MUST BE ACCOMPANIED AT ALL TIMES BY THE RESPONSIBLE ADULT AGE 18 OR OLDER WHO BROUGHT THEM TO ENGINEERING SATURDAY] : building blocks, coloring pages, cartoons, and unstructured play

* Accompanying Responsible Adults : attend activities with students or attend college knowledge session on applications, financial aid, and other topics or relax in Nedderman Hall atrium while students attend sessions. If Below School Age children were brought, the Responsible Adult must remain with those children at all times.

Why have Engineering Saturdays?

The University of Texas at Arlington College of Engineering wants to get pre-college students onto the UT Arlington campus doing fun engineering stuff during the school year. The UTA College of Engineering has a large number of summer engineering programs for students in grades 4 through 12 and now wants to add general engineering outreach activities during the school year.

By holding Engineering Saturdays in Fall and Spring we can have more opportunities to interact with potential students, to promote engineering, and to maintain relationships that may be built during the larger summer programs that pre-college students can attend here at UTA.

Why do we do engineering outreach?

The goal for pre-college outreach is to promote engineering, along with math, science, and technology, to pre-college students so that they can make more informed choices as they go through school and can see the fun and the challenge that engineering offers. We will also work to break down stereotypes about who does engineering and what it means to be an engineer.

Who do we want to reach?

The goal of outreach to parents and families is to promote the importance of engineering in our society and of STEM education for their children. Engineering Saturday will also give our partners the opportunity to advertise to the parents and families about opportunities or products that would be of interest to them. We also hope that some parents/ family members aill be alumni of UTA and that this event will draw them back to campus to see what changes and improvements have been made and to reconnect them with the university. Finally, for family members who are STEM professionals, Engineering Saturday allows them to meet and network with faculty and other professionals in their field.

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Celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2009-2010, the University of Texas at Arlington's College of Engineeringhas emerged as one of the most comprehensive engineering programs in North Texas and the nation. The college's eight baccalaureate, 13 master's and nine doctoral degree programs serve approximately 3,500 students, making it the fourth largest engineering college in Texas. With more than 21,000 alumni, the college provides the local, regional and national workforce with motivated and highly skilled graduates. Research expenditures in the past year grew to more than $40 million, and the University will invest $160 million to add 295,000 square feet of facilities in the next three years. With a commitment to creating viable solutions to today's most pressing problems, the College of Engineering is helping to propel UT Arlington toward its goal of becoming a national research university.

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