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Registration - Engineering Saturdays at The University of Texas at Arlington

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Register for Engineering Saturdays

Engineering Saturday is designed as a family activity. Activities are available for students of all ages. Students will have choices based on age group as listed below:

High School grades (9th - 12th)
Middle School grades (6th - 8th)
Upper Elementary grades (3rd - 5th grade)
Lower Elementary (age 4 - 2nd grade)
Below School Age (Infant - age 3)
Accompanying Responsible Adults
If Below School Age children were brought, the Responsible Adult must remain with those children at all times.

Activities : The High School, Middle School, and Upper Elementary age groups will have module choices with age-appropriate engineering presentations and hands-on activities; The Lower Elementary group will have monitored building activities with cornstarch blocks and coloring pages of engineering pictures; The Below School Age group will have unstructured play with building blocks; Adults may attend activities with students or attend college knowledge session on applications, financial aid, and other topics or relax in Nedderman Hall atrium while students attend sessions unless they are accompanying a Below School Age child whom they must monitor at all times..

The Engineering Saturday dates at UT Arlington are:
September 23, 2017
November 18, 2017
April 7, 2018

All Engineering Saturday activities start in the atrium of Nedderman Hall on the University of Texas at Arlington campus.

Each attending student below age 18 must have a responsible adult present in Nedderman Hall on the UTA campus throughout the Engineering Saturday activities. The responsible adult must be 18 or older.

Registration Instructions

Registration forms should be filled out by the parent or guardian of the attending child(ren) and the form should give the name of the responsible adult who will attend Engineering Saturday with their child(ren)/student(s).

• Parent/guardians will be asked to include an electronic signaure on their forms or to fax in a form with their signature on it for their student(s) who are attending Engineering Saturday. The parent/guardian signature on the form (electronic or handwritten) indicating that the named responsible adult has responsibility for their student during the Engineering Saturday activities. Examples of responsible adults who are not parent/guardians might be scout troop leaders or a carpool drivers.

• Only one form is needed per family.

• Each attending student below age 18 must have a responsible adult present in Nedderman Hall on the UTA campus throughout the Engineering Saturday activities. The responsible adult must be 18 or older.

• Older students of driving age may be considered "responsible adults" and may bring themselves with the parental permission as indicated by the parent's signature on the registration form. Students under age 18 may not be responsible for anyone other than themselves during Engineering Saturday.

Click Here to Register Engineering Saturday Registration Form

When You Arrive For Engineering Saturday

Once you arrive at the Engineering Saturday event you will find schedules posted around Nedderman Hall atrium which list the presentations/sessions available for each age group in each time block. Some of these presentations will have limited seating based on the type of activity being done.

You, the student, decide on your top choices for the next time block coming up, either the 9:00am session, the 10:45am session, or the 1:30pm session. You only sign up for one session at a time not for later sessions.

At 10 minutes before the time block begins, sign up sheets will be posted for the next round of sessions. Students will simply line up to sign the sheet for their top choice of session. If that one is full, then students can try their second or third choices. After you, the student, are signed up, you then go to the classroom of the session you signed up for. At the end of that session, we will do the same for the next round.


• Students may only sign up for ONE session for the UPCOMING time block.

• Students may only to sign up for themselves and no one else.

• Students may not hold places in line for anyone else.

• Adults are asked not to stand in any of the lines while the students are waiting to sign up for the next session.

• If you, the student or your parent or responsible adult, does not follow these rules while signing up for a session, your name will be taken off the list you signed and you will have to go to the back of the line or another line to sign up.

Notes for responsible adults with students:

Children under 18 months must be accompanied by responsible adult at all times.

Adults are welcome to attend sessions with students when space is available. Activities in the session may be limited only to students due to limits on materials but adults may observe and give positive input in most cases.

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