Research Clusters

Clusters are comprised of faculty members and dissertators who want to workshop their research and discuss new scholarship related to a specific field or a particular topic or theme. The cluster in place from 2017 to 2019 is as follows:

American Literature: Alaimo, Conrad, Henderson, Matheson, Morris, Murrah-Mandril, Rambsy, Roemer
British Literature: Fay, Tigner
Cultural Studies: Alaimo, Ingram, Morris, Murrah-Mandril, Porter, Tigner
Digital Humanities and New Media Studies: Beck, Rambsy, Richardson, Tigner  
Early Modern Studies: Tigner
Environmental Studies: Alaimo, Fay, Matheson, Tigner
Film Studies: Alaimo, Ingram, Richardson
History of the Book: Fay, Henderson, Tigner
Literary and Critical Theory: Alaimo, Fay, Frank, Ingram, Matheson, Murrah-Mandril, Porter, Richardson
Medieval Studies: Fay
Multicultural Literature: Alaimo, Ingram, Murrah-Mandril, Rambsy, Roemer     
Queer Studies and Gay and Lesbian Literature: Alaimo, Ingram
Rhetoric and Composition: Beck, Porter, Richardson, Warren
Technical and Professional Communication: Beck
Women's and Gender Studies: Alaimo, Beck, Fay, Henderson, Ingram, Matheson, Tigner
World, Comparative, and Postcolonial Literature and Theory: Frank, Ingram, Morris