What is the Lost Arts Collaborative?

The Lost Arts Collaborative is a group dedicated to increasing general knowledge, among UTA students and the public at large, about the lost arts of making things. The group offers hands-on workshops on how to make a variety of products, including ink, chocolate, and corn tortillas, using traditional methods and tools. Workshops are also offered on production techniques, such as how to apply gold leaf to an illuminated manuscript, as well as the role of objects in everyday life, such as the use of amulets and healing stones. Rather than just hearing about what life was like in the past, participants in these workshops learn by doing and produce something that they can take home.

Comprehensive list of workshops
  • How to Make Ink and Quills
  • Applying Gold Leaf to an Illuminated Manuscript
  • Making Corn Tortillas with a Metate
  • Making Chainmail
  • Making Early Modern Preserves
  • Making Love Poetry in Two Languages
  • Marbling Paper
  • Medieval Love Remedies

Workshops are free of charge and open to all. Participants must sign up in advance by emailing jacqueline.fay@uta.edu. For more information, or if you would like to join the Lost Arts Collaborative and offer a workshop, contact Dr. Jacqueline Fay at jacqueline.fay@uta.edu.