lection newbery

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1925  finger, tales from silver lands
1927  james, smoky the cowhorse
1929  bennett, the pigtail of ah lee ben loo


1931  coatsworth, the cat who went to heaven
1933  lewis, young fu of the upper yangtze
1936  brink, caddie woodlawn
1937  sawyer, roller skates
1938  seredy, the white stag
1939  enright, thimble summer
1939  atwater & atwater, mr. popper's penguins


1941  gates, blue willow
1942  edmonds, the matchlock gun
1943  gray, adam of the road
1944  forbes, johnny tremain
1944  sauer, fog magic
1945  lawson, rabbit hill
1946  lenski, strawberry girl
1947  bailey, miss hickory
1947  barnes, the wonderful year
1947  buff & buff, big tree
1947  fisher, the avion my uncle flew
1947  maxwell, the heavenly tenants
1948  du bois, the twenty-one balloons
1948  bishop, pancakes-paris
1948  treffinger, li lun lad of courage
1949  henry, king of the wind
1949  holling, seabird


1950  de angeli, the door in the wall
1951  yates, amos fortune, free man
1952  estes, ginger pye
1953  clark, secret of the andes
1955  dejong, the wheel on the school
1955  ullman, james: banner in the sky
1956  latham, carry on, mr. bowditch
1956  shippen, men, microscopes, and living things
1957  sorensen, miracles on maple hill
1957  rhoads, the corn grows ripe
1958  enright, gone-away lake
1959  speare, the witch of blackbird pond
1959  carlson, the family under the bridge
1959  steele, the perilous road



1960  krumgold, onion john
1960  george, my side of the mountain
1961  selden, the cricket in times square
1962  speare, the bronze bow
1963  l'engle, a wrinkle in time
1964  neville, it's like this, cat
1964  wier, the loner
1965  wojciechowska, shadow of a bull
1966  de treviño, i, juan de pareja
1967  hunt, up a road slowly
1968  konigsburg, from the mixed-up files of mrs. basil e. frankweiler
1968  o'dell, the black pearl


1970  armstrong, sounder
1971  byars, the summer of the swans
1971  babbitt, kneeknock rise
1971  o'dell, sing down the moon
1972  eckert, incident at hawk's hill
1973  george, julie of the wolves
1974  fox, the slave dancer
1979  paterson, the great gilly hopkins


1980  blos, a gathering of days
1986  maclachlan, sarah, plain and tall
1986  paulsen, dogsong
1987  bauer, on my honor
1989  fleischman, joyful noise
1989  myers, scorpions


1995  cushman, catherine, called birdy
1999  sachar, holes


2001  gantos, joey pigza loses control
2003  hiaasen, hoot
2004  dicamillo, the tale of despereaux
2004  henkes, olive's ocean
2005  kadohata, kira-kira
2005  choldenko, al capone does my shirts
2006  perkins, criss cross
2006  armstrong, whittington
2007  patron, the higher power of lucky
2007  holm, penny from heaven
2007  larson, hattie big sky
2008  schmidt, the wednesday wars
2009  gaiman, the graveyard book


2010  stead, when you reach me
2011  vanderpool, moon over manifest
2011  holm, turtle in paradise
2011  williams-garcia, one crazy summer
2012  gantos, dead end in norvelt
2013  applegate, the one and only ivan
2013  schlitz, laura amy: splendors and glooms
2014  dicamillo, flora and ulysses
2014  timberlake, one came home
2015  alexander, the crossover
2015  bell, el deafo
2016  de la peña, last stop on market street
2016  bradley, the war that saved my life
2016  jamieson, roller girl
2017  barnhill, the girl who drank the moon
2018  kelly, hello, universe
2019  medina, merci suárez changes gears