High School Seniors

Eligible high school seniors will have access to scholarships and special programs.

College Checklist

  1. Apply for Admissions
  2. Submit your Financial Aid application
  3. Apply for Scholarships
  4. Visit Preview Days for your choice colleges
  5. Accept Financial Aid Offer and Admissions
  6. Notify the colleges you will not be attending

Summer Bridge

Senior Upward Bound participants can earn up to 6 hours of college credit and at no cost to themselves or their families after High School graduation during Summer II.

There is also no obligation or commitment to stay at UTA after the conclusion of the Bridge Program. Academic success is the focus of the Bridge Program, as students are provided with resources such as tutoring, academic advising, and weekly academic success seminars. During the five-week summer session, students also participate in cultural activities and enjoy leisure activities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Summer Bridge Benefits

  1. Housing

    - Access to stay on campus and experience college life.

  2. Course Support

    - Books, supplies, and tutorial sessions are available to complete coursework successfully. Coursework is transferable to most other institutions of higher education.

  3. Access to Research Venues

    - Opportunities to visit scientific and career related institutions for exploration.

  4. Special Lectures

    - Workshops offering knowledge, skills, and resources necessary during the first year of college and beyond.