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Leadership & Meetings

General Body

EXCEL Campus Activities members discuss important program information and conduct official organizational business during these plenary meetings. UTA students are welcome to attend and observe as well.


Meetings take place during the the Fall and Spring regular sessions as well as during the Summer 11-Week session.  See the University Academic Calendar for the session dates.

Mondays from 2 to 3 p.m.
Student Congress Chambers
University Center, Upper Level, Rm. 225


Matthew Estrada

The president of EXCEL Campus Activities is elected by the General Body to represent its views while acting as an advocate for the university community. The president presides over the General and Executive meetings, acting as an advisor to the committees, and working with the director of student activities to maintain the budget and overall harmony of the organization.

Executive Board & Standing Committees

The Executive Board is comprised of the president and five student directors. These individuals run the day-to-day operations of the organization and preside over its meetings. The student directors are selected near the end of the spring semester and serve a one-year term. They serve as primary representatives of their committee to the general body and also act as representatives for the UTA community.

EXCEL's four standing committees meet on a weekly basis throughout the fall and spring semesters.  The committees plan and implement the various events and activities of the organization–each member of EXCEL serves on a committee.  Furthermore, event chairs are selected from among a committee's membership who help manage specific events and activities. Meetings are held in the lower level of the E.H. Hereford University Center. Visit the Student Activities office (suite B140) to check in on meeting days and find the exact location of a meeting

NOTE: See below for individual committee meeting times. The standing commitees will not meet during the summer. Committee-related business shall be conducted during the Summer Board meetings on Mondays throughout the 11-week session.


Prechious Franks

The membership committee is the internal relations arm of EXCEL Campus Activities. This group is responsible for planning and implementing membership recruitment and retention activities. The commitee cooridnates EXCEL's participation in New Maverick Orientation, University Preview Days, and Activity Fairs. Membership works to develop and maintain membership excellence throughout the year by planning social and recognition activities for all members.

Marketing Committee

Angela Austin

Handles all aspects of marketing and branding for EXCEL Campus Activities.

programming committees

Vannia Atao

-Foam Party, Halloween Casino Night, Bed Races, TEDxUTA

Jennie Heath

-Friday Night Films, Welcome Back Movie, Maverick Formal, Fright Night Festival, Maverick Holiday Celebration

Salvador Ontiveros

-MavsMeet AfterParty, Homecoming Bash, Battle of the Bands, Campus Limits Music Festival


EXCEL is composed of 3 programing committees.  Each of these committees is responsible for the planning and implementation of diverse programs.  These campus-wide programs include national headliner music acts, seasonal festivals, stand-up comedians, and other exciting performances. They also focus on maintaining several popular traditions and assisting to develop new ones. We have signature programs that include Bed Races, Halloween Casino, The Homecoming Bash, Friday Night Films and talent shows.

Committee Times are on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:00PM. For more information, please email

EXCEL logo


We welcome members who have a diversity of interests, talents, and who represent the various majors and disciplines from across campus.

Getting Involved