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Drake Concert at College Park Center

History and Mission


The mission of EXCEL Campus Activities is to promote campus and community involvement through collaborating to develop and expand cultural, educational, social, and traditional programs for the enrichment of student life.

Download EXCEL's Bylaws [PDF]


Out-of-the-classroom student led activities have been happening on campus for nearly as long as the institution has been around, culminating in the organization fondly known to us as EXCEL Campus Activities. EXCEL took on its present form and name in 1992 when the former Student Activities Board  (SAB) was restructured. It was decided then that the organization needed a General Body (rather than multiple independently functioning councils) that would have the final say and determine which events were brought to campus.

Thus, although students join voluntarily and are selected for membership, when they gather as a General Body they are to function as representatives of the student body with regard to student programming.

You may be wondering where the name “EXCEL” came from. In the early 1990s when the group’s new name and structure were adopted, there were fewer departments and student groups conducting programming on campus than presently, and the organization had a very broad scope. Originally, EX-CEL was an acronym: EXcellence in Campus & Community Service, Entertainment & Arts, and Leadership Development. These were the re-structured organization's original programming committees. In the spring of 2003, Campus & Community Service became the Campus Traditions committee after the creation of the UTA Volunteers. The following year, the Leadership Development committee became the Lectures & Debates committee after the creation of the Leadership Academy. At this time "EX.C.E.L." (as it had come to be spelled) also included a membership committee, a marketing committee, and a secretary position.

In the spring of 2007, EXCEL went through more changes. The Lectures & Debates committee was reformed into the Special Events (now University Events) committee allowing the group to broaden its programming and work closely with other organizations and departments. The former secretary and membership director positions were combined into a new vice president position. Because the name ‘EXCEL’ had become so recognizable throughout the campus the organization kept the name and simply dropped the periods.

Although it's gone through many transitions throughout an illustrious history, EXCEL's purpose remains the same: bringing students together to provide quality programs for the campus and surrounding community. Each committee is responsible for planning its own set of events and activities; however, the General Body meetings are designed to provide a diversity of opinions about each program that utilizes student fee monies. It is every member's responsibility to understand the purpose of each program and talk to student-peers to see if there is an interest or need for the program. Each committee's job is to research proposed programs and coordinate the events. We encourage all members to actively participate in all events sponsored by EXCEL Campus Activities.

2017-2018 Calendar

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