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Scholarship Appeal Process

Scholarship Appeal Process

The Scholarship Appeal Process is to be used for exceptional circumstances that prevent a student from meeting the requirements to receive or renew a merit scholarship at UTA.

Scholarship Policies

All scholarships have some minimum criteria. The most common are a minimum GPA, full-time enrollment, and the completion of a minimum number of total hours for the year. Scholarship requirements are always available on the Scholarships Website -

Contact us

For additional questions about the scholarship appeal process please contact the Scholarships Office in one of the following ways:

In-person: University Administration Building, Room #201

Phone: 817.272.2197


UTA General Academic Scholarships

  • National Merit Scholarship
  • Presidential Honors & Presidential Scholars Scholarships
  • Maverick Academic Scholarship
  • Maverick Recognition Scholarship
  • Blaze Freshman & Transfer Scholarships
  • Transfer Success Scholarship
  • Transfer Scholarship

Who can submit an appeal?

Any student currently receiving one of our academic/merit scholarships (listed above). For questions about departmental or outside scholarships, students will need to follow-up with the awarding department/organization.

*A scholarship appeal is only granted once in a student’s academic career*

Why would it be necessary to submit an appeal?

Students not meeting the requirements for their scholarship due to an exceptional circumstance i.e medical issue, death in the family, legal situation, etc.

What documentation is required for an appeal?

  1. Statement
  2. Documentation

Students must provide a statement of why they did not meet a scholarship requirement(s) and the steps taken to prevent similar challenges in the future.

Students must provide professional documentation to support their statement. Medical - documentation from a doctor, psychologist, clinic, etc. or any documentation from resources on campus such as: Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) or the Student Access & Resource Center (SAR - formerly the Office of Students with Disabilities (OSD). Documentation from law enforcement, birth/death certificates or any documentation that is pertinent to the appeal.

*Screenshots of medicine labels, doctor appointments, grades in MyMav or self-evaluations performed by the student are NOT acceptable forms of documentation.*

When can I submit an appeal?

Appeals can be submitted up to 45 days after the semester ends.

Example: If a student does not have their scholarship renewed for the fall semester, the student will have up to 45 days after the fall semester ends to submit an appeal.

How long will it take before I receive a decision?

It may take up to 30 days to receive a final decision. All responses will be sent to UTA student emails. All decisions are final.

Where can I submit an appeal?

Students may click on the 'Scholarship Appeal Form' link below to submit their statement and documentation.

Scholarship Appeal Form