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Texas Artists and Ceramic Sculpture

Art for Arlington
Essay by Jessica Cusick
8" x 9", 24 pages, b&w cover and interior images price: $2.00


Tracy Hick

Correlation and Collection
Artist: Tracy Hicks
Curated by Kenda North
8" x 9", 8 pages, color cover images; duotone interior images
Essays by Tracy Hicks, Dr. Joseph R. Mendelson, III and Philip Van Keuren
price: $1.00


Texas Artists and Ceramic Sculpture

“Raised, Assembled, Constructed: Texas Artists & Ceramic Sculpture”
Artists: Tre Arenz, Richard Bonner, Michael Conroy, Nick de Vries,
Janet Frankovic, Verne Funk, Marian Haigh, Janet Kastner, Paul McCoy,
Steve Reynolds, James Tisdale and Nicholas WoodCurator: Nicholas Wood
Guest Essayist: Jean Graham
Date of Exhibition: March 24- April 25, 1998
8.5" x9", 24 pages, b&w interior images
Essay by Jean Graham
price: $2.00


Marina Abramović

Boat Emptying Stream Entering (Part I & Part II)
Artist: Marina Abramović
5" x 5 ", 44 pages price: $5.00


Ed Blackburn

Bible Paintings
Artist: Ed Blackburn
Editor: Jeff Kelley
10"x 9" , 16 pages, color cover image
price: $5.00

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