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Division of Student Affairs


Why Get Involved?

It’s simple…students who get involved and become engaged in their community do better and succeed academically at a higher rate. Being a part of a group or organization can help you get to know people and connect with other students. However, it’s about more than just meeting people and having a good time. Experiencing programs within Involvement & Engagement help you to develop the soft skills, that can be hard to learn and employers are looking for. 

What next? How do I get involved?

Getting connected to campus groups and organizations is easy. Often you can become a part of an organization or group at any time throughout the year. Most organizations and groups hold formalized recruitment activities and events at the beginning of the fall and spring semester; however, you can get involved with many groups throughout the semester. Of course you don’t need to join something to be connected to campus. Many people just take advantage of the countless events, activities and programs that occur on campus almost daily.