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MANA 3318 - Leadership and Organizational Behavior

This course is an introduction to the factors that influence individual and group behavior in organizations.

Emphasizing findings from the field of organizational behavior, topics covered include: individual differences and diversity, social information processing, work attitudes, stress, work motivation, power and influence, negotiation, teams, leadership, and organizational research.

Prerequisite for Section 15: Acceptance in the Goolsby Leadership Academy. 

Student Learning Outcomes

  • The students will be able to describe and apply individual processes and behaviors, such as personality, motivation, performance management, and preventive stress management.
  • The students will be able to relate interpersonal processes and behavior, such as communication, group dynamics, decision making, conflict, leadership, and followership.
  • The students will engage in moral reasoning by evaluating Ethical Dilemmas and appreciate individual differences by exploring Diversity Dialogues.
  • The students will demonstrate professional workforce competencies in assignments that require writing and speaking clearly in groups (informal) and presentations (formal).
  • The students will research, analyze, and synthesize information to reach an effective conclusion or outcome for written assignments.
  • The students will be able to describe deeper self-awareness, of their own beliefs and attributes, as well as to display personal integrity in actions and behaviors.
  • The students will participate in community engagement and service learning as a project team member focused on meeting the needs or goals of a community partner or campus organization through reflection and project development.