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Faculty & Staff

Administrative staff

  • Jerry D. Hubbard: Director, Goolsby Leadership Academy
  • Rebecca Neilson: Assistant Dean; Goolsby Leadership Academy Assistant Director
  • Philisa Stanford: Assistant Director, Undergraduate Advising; Academy Advisor
  • Vacant: Administrative Assistant
  • Farriya Jawed: Graduate Research Assistant


  • Roger E. Meiners: Department Chairman Economics, and Professor of Law and Economics

Goolsby Organization Leadership

  • Jarrod Berger - President
  • Huda Ahmed - VP of Operations
  • Abrahim Darwish - VP of Communication
  • Jonathan Shirley - VP of Finance
  • Isaac Ramadan - VP of Programs

Previous Guest Lecturers

The following distinguished individuals have visited the College of Business to share their insight and experiences with our Goolsby Leadership Academy Scholars.