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JT Fisher

Born and raised in southern California, JT Fisher earned his undergraduate degree from Embry Riddle University, where he trained to become a professional pilot. Flying became relegated to a hobby as his career took him into aerospace, aviation, and air transportation management for more than 20 years. He worked in finance and operations roles at companies such as McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing), American Airlines, Lufthansa German Airlines, and Delta Air Lines. JT Fisher

While working in the Corporate Development group at American Airlines, he completed his MBA at the University of Texas at Arlington. His professional capstone in the aviation sector was to head the restructuring office for the successful bankruptcy reorganization of Delta Air Lines.

Subsequently, Mr. Fisher served as CFO of telecommunications provider Charter Communications, and later as CFO of Austin Industries, Inc., in Dallas. He also served on the board of directors of Austin Industries and Limelight Networks, Inc.

He currently serves as the CEO of Vergent Communications and is a board member of the College of Business Advisory Council at UTA.

Professor Fisher teaches management in the Goolsby Leadership Academy's Early Leader Program.

He received his MBA from the University of Texas at Arlington.