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Reinhard Janson

Reinhard Janson was born and raised in Germany and subsequently lived in Jakarta, Indonesia. avatar

Upon arriving in the United States,  he began his college education and earned his Bachelor of Science in International Business in 1977 at the University of Colorado.  In 1983 he earned this MBA in Finance with Thesis Honors from Pace University at White Plains, New York. His graduate honors thesis addressed the utility of 90-day US Treasury futures and their contribution to managing interest rate risk. 

As a contributor to the international business community, he held management roles based in the United States operating in all three North American countries.  Internationally, he ran the finance operations of several US companies' Germany production, sales and financing subsidiaries. In these multi-nationally diverse environments, he overcame business challenges and rebuilt integrity, controls, and financial performance.  Additionally, he served as Project Manager for a London-based global company.

He is firmly committed to the contributions of global business to peace and is very thankful for his continued appointment as Adjunct Professor of Management at the University of Texas at Arlington.

In addition to instructing strategic management, he teaches leadership in the Goolsby Leadership Academy.

He received his MBA in Business Administration: Finance from Pace University.

To learn more about Professor Janson, please visit his faculty webpage.