The Gorgias Society, founded in 1983, is a student organization interested in the study of Rhetoric and Composition theory and pedagogy. Every month the Gorgias Society hosts functions designed to provide occasions for conversation and a discusson of members' works; to provide reading lists of relevant materials; and to sponsor guest lectures by scholars in the the field of rhetoric and composition. The GS is open to all students--undergraduate and graduate--who share these common interests.

     Usually every first Friday (or according to some schedule likely to confuse us all), Gorgias sponsors a social meeting and hosts through out the academic year events such as colloquia and conferences.

     We are initiating a number of projects this year. We are contacting former members who have graduated and collecting from them information so that we can construct a web history of the organization. We are co-sponsoring a number of lectures and visitations, and are looking into the possibility of attracting many more prominent speakers in the near future. We are again in the Spring co-sponsoring the Gorgias Society National Conference (formerly known as the Arlington Humanities Colloquium).

     To join, simply contact one of the Gorgias officers and let them know you are interested. There is a ten dollar membership fee, which entitles you to all the benefits that membership in Gorgias has to offer. In order to generate funds for these events, we have tragically hip T-Shirts and Coffee Cups for sale.

     For further information contact either of our newly elected co-Presidents:

     They/We can also be contacted through campus mail via the English Department Office, CH 202.

    Or Snail Mail:
    Gorgias Society
    English Dept. Box 19035
    U of TX
    Arlington TX 76019-0035
The best option, however, is to subscribe to the GORGIAS-L. Simply send a request to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UTA.EDU with the following message: SUBSCRIBE GORGIAS YOUREMAILADDRESS. If you should have any difficulties with subscribing, please contact Matthew Levy:

The Faculty Advisor for the Society is Professor Hans Kellner.

The Gorgias Society Store. Visit. Buy a mug! of a collector's item!

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