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Office of Graduate Studies at UT Arlington

UT Arlington
Graduate Studies at UT Arlington

ACES 2015 Winners

Morning Graduate Session Winners

President's Award:          Sina Moeendarbari, Materials Science and Engineering  
Provost's Award:             Sarah Hussein, Aerospace Engineering
Dean's Award:                Kent Rasmussen, Linguistics 
Honorable Mention:         Nuzhat Mansur, Electrical Engineering
Honorable Mention:         Dennis Marquardt, Management

Morning Undergraduate Session Winners

President's Award:          Hussain Mucklai, Computer Science Engineering
Provost's Award:             Jayr Logan, Linguistics
Dean's Award:                 John Crouch, Physics
Honorable Mention:         Courtney Broderick, History
Honorable Mention:         Jessica Nordon, Linguistics

Afternoon Graduate Session Winners

President's Award:          Evelyn Wang, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Provost's Award:             Collin Funkhouser, Biology
Dean's Award:                Robert Phillips, Modern Languages
Honorable Mention:         Lyndon Lee, Bioengineering
Honorable Mention:         Meredith Hartzell, Psychology

Afternoon Undergraduate Session Winners

President's Award:          Yu-Sheng (Sam) Sung, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Provost's Award:             Hannah Bradley, English
Dean's Award:                Lawanda McKelvy, Communication 
Honorable Mention:         Justin McCullars, Biology
Honorable Mention:         Nicky Hales, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Graduate Poster Awards

President's Award:          Xin Heng, Mechanical Engineering
Provost's Award:             Rebekah Carlile, Curriculum and Instruction
Dean's Award:                Roshni Iyer, Bioengineering 
Honorable Mention:         Aneetta Kuriakose, Bioengineering
Honorable Mention:         Dat Nguyen, Bioengineering

Undergraduate Poster Awards

President's Award:          Nadajalah Bennett, Communication
Provost's Award:             Stephanie Gutierrez, Biology
Dean's Award:                Raj Mehta, Biology 
Honorable Mention:         Soha Aslam, Physics
Honorable Mention:         Gaurang Gupte, Biology

Sustainability Award Winners

Best Poster Presentation:     Xin Heng, Mechanical Engineering
Best Oral Presentation:        Reza Broun, Civil and Environmental Engineering