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Office of Graduate Studies at UT Arlington

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Graduate Studies at UT Arlington

ACES Abstract Submission

Please read the following carefully:

  • You may submit either a poster or oral abstract, but not both. 
  • Submission of an abstract does not guarantee inclusion in ACES.
  • Limit your abstract to a maximum of 2000 characters (This will be approximately 250 words.) 
  • The person submitting the abstract must be the presenter.
  • Only one person can present an abstract submission at the ACES symposium.
  • Only one person can receive the award.
  • All submissions are subject to subsequent editing.*
  • The abstract must be submitted by February 13, 2015.
  • Students will be notified by email of acceptance to ACES by February 26, 2015.

Because ACES celebrates student research and creativity, all potential presentations (both oral and poster) must reflect the author's first-hand investigative efforts. As such, a presentation that serves primarily as a summary of other scholars' research (i.e., a literature review) is not appropriate to this venue.

Preparing an abstract for ACES:

 In preparing an ACES abstract, each student author should be certain to address the following:

  • A clear statement of the central issue to be investigated
  • A description of the results of the study, including reference to what was investigated (i.e., data, texts, etc.)
  • An interpretation of the study's results
  • A note as to the significance of the findings as they relate to your discipline

Unlike many academic conferences, which are quite often organized around a single discipline, ACES attracts an audience made up of individuals from a range of academic fields: students and judges come from all of UT Arlington's nine colleges and schools. Given this important fact, students participating in ACES should strive to write abstracts and presentations/posters that can effectively communicate to a general but well-educated audience. To this end, all work submitted to ACES should be (relatively) free of discipline-specific jargon. 

Thank you for your interest in ACES. The deadline for submissions has passed. 

 *All abstracts submitted for consideration will be reviewed by a faculty panel. Abstracts that are evaluated as "Requires Revision" will be returned to the author, who will be invited to revise and resubmit the work within a prescribed time period (to be determined by the Abstract Review Committee).