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What We Value

A feeling of true acceptance. A sense that you really belong. The encouragement of people who genuinely care. The connection to something that will last way beyond your college years. Fraternities and sororities at The University of Texas at Arlington empower students to fulfill their potential. We are focused on empowering real UTA students to prepare for their real careers, their real life, and their very real potential. We want you to meet our people, to understand our purpose, and to hear our stories of the way our chapters have embraced us and empowered us.

Our 30 sororities and fraternities are as diverse as the university in which we thrive. We have a wide variety of chapters and experiences. The four sorority and fraternity councils on this campus (NPHC, MGC, IFC, and CPH) are all different. However, each council has organizations that will embrace you and empower you. All of our chapters do one thing better than any other organization on campus. We Value #EmpoweringUTA.

Interested in learning more on how are fraternities and sororites #EmpowerUTA? Check out our How To Join page.

students celebrating founder's day


Happy B-day, UTA

Celebrate UTA’s birthday with cake, tours, speeches, and songs on Founder's Day, the second Wednesday in October.