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How to Join

How are our fraternitites and sororities #EmpoweringUTA?

Our chapters offer an accepting and inclusive home for students of all backgrounds and with all kinds of life stories. We are a home where students can belong, can matter, and can be surrounded by a network of brothers and sisters that care about them.

Our chapters prepare leaders for their professional careers. Through educational programs, opportunities for peer leadership, and connections to national (and even international) organizations, fraternities and sororities are one of the most practical and relevant leadership development opportunities on campus.

Our chapters believe in our members. At a big school that can feel lonely, and in a world that can chip away at a person’s confidence, our brothers and sisters believe in one another, uplift one another, and provide a supportive environment for our members to thrive while at UTA.

Choosing the Right Fraternity or Sorority for You

When considering an organization, it is important to meet as many of the members as possible. Ask about the values of the organization, what type of events the organization participates in, and what the organization is looking for in its members. You will want to ask about the academics, time, and money requirements for members in their first semester and beyond. While you are looking for an organization that will fulfill your needs, the organization is also looking for members who will fit in with their values.

It is your responsibility to determine whether or not you are able to balance the chapter's various commitments and expectations in advance, including but not limited time commitment, finances, and academic expectations.

To be eligible to join a fraternity or sorority at UTA, you must...

  • Be an enrolled UTA student
  • Complete the required educational modules within the UTA Fraternity & Sorority Life Risk Management Training.
    • Keep in mind that these modules have a time commitment of approximately 2.5 hours, the modules can be started and continued at another time. Click here to enroll today!
  • Meet the membership requirements of the organization in which you want to join. 

You can also learn more about our community by checking out our online F&SL Guide.



Adaptive academics

Students with disabilities can find assistive technology, alternative media, and other accommodations for learning.

Office for Students with Disabilities