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Order of Omega at UTA

Established in the Fall of 1959 at the University of Miami, Order of Omega is an undergraduate Greek society recognizing "fraternity men and women who have attained a high standard of leadership in inter-fraternity activities." It functions as an adjunct to traditional fraternal organizations, rather than a social or professional group in se. It is not an academic honor society; a minimum Grade Point Average is only one of six criteria for admission. (Order of Omega is not a part of the Association of College Honor Societies.)

The stated purposes of the organization are:

  • To recognize those fraternity men and women who have attained a high standard of leadership in interfraternity activities, to encourage them to continue along this line, and to inspire others to strive for similar conspicuous attainment;
  • To bring together outstanding fraternity men and women to create an organization which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate fraternity affairs.
  • To bring together members of the faculty, alumni, and student members of the institution's fraternities and sororities on a basis of mutual interest, understanding and helpfulness;
  • To help create an atmosphere where ideas and issues can be discussed openly across Greek lines and to help work out solutions.

The Omega Kappa Chapter at UT Arlington (founded at UT Arlington in 1969)

For more info, please visit the National Order of Omega website at: