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Fees for Services

Students are financially responsible for services rendered by Health Services. Please review the Financial Agreement Policy for detailed information on what is covered and not covered by the medical services fee assessed with tuition each semester a student is enrolled.

Financial Agreement Policy

The below document lists common procedures and services provided by Health Services. It is not inclusive of all procedures and services available at Health Services. This list contains prices offered at a discounted rate for patients without student health insurance. Charges submitted to student health insurance may differ. 

List of Fees for Most Common Procedures and Diagnostic Services - currently being updated

Many procedures and diagnostic services (lab, x-ray, EKG) performed at Health Services are covered at 100% by student health insurance; diagnostic services requested by the patient are generally not covered and will incur separate out-of-pocket charges. Pre-existing conditions and the annual deductible do not apply to visits at Health Services. Please contact the student insurance office in the Health Center for further assistance.