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Fees and Services

UT Arlington Health Services is an ambulatory health care facility fully accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. Health Services’ mission is to support academic success by providing excellent health care and promoting wellness. It strives to provide UT Arlington students with quality, accessible, comprehensive, and cost-effective primary health care.

In addition to a general medicine clinic, Health Services houses a pharmacy, laboratory, radiology department, counseling and psychological services, women’s health clinic, immunization clinic, and a health promotion and substance abuse prevention office. Access to Health Services is by appointment only. This is intended to avoid potentially long waiting times experienced under a walk-in system. Access to the immunization clinic and pharmacy does not require an appointment.


The medical services fee included in tuition for on-campus classes allows students to be seen by a health care provider in our clinic. Consultative visits as well as health promotion programs and education, blood pressure checks, nursing care, HIV/AIDS information, referrals, foreign travel advice, and contraceptive information are included in the medical services fee. Ancillary services such as lab tests, x-rays, immunizations, visits with a psychiatrist, psychological or psychiatric assessments, women's health exams, and medication are at rates that are often more affordable than the off-campus health care community.

Enrolled Students

Currently enrolled students who present a valid student identification card and can be validated as currently enrolled through the University Student Information System (MyMav) are eligible. Students who do not attend at least one on-campus class are not eligible to use Health Services.

Matriculated students on hold for health requirements are eligible to receive immunizations and medical laboratory services from Health Services to comply with the health requirements of the University beginning 60 days prior to the start date of the semester for which they are admitted. These students must present their acceptance letter from the University and complete applicable forms.

online students

Online students can pay for the Medical Services Fee through the UTA Marketplace to have access to services during the term for which they are enrolled. Currently enrolled students can pay for the fee by visiting https:/


Students that attended the University the previous semester, are not currently enrolled, but are pre-registered for the following semester may utilize Health Services but must pay a $25 service charge per provider visit, plus the cost of ancillary services. To be eligible for care, Health Services must be able to document in the University Student Information System (MyMav) that they completed courses in the previous semester and are pre-registered for the next semester. Continuing students needing a vaccination from the immunization clinic will not be assessed the $25 service charge.


Students currently enrolled in cooperative degree programs who have paid a health services/medical services fee at another university are not eligible for service here, unless they are enrolled in at least one UT Arlington on-campus course and meet all other proof of eligibility requirements outlined above.

Dual credit students (high school students enrolled in University courses as part of their program) are not eligible for services.


Individuals who have completed their course of studies at UT Arlington and do not intend to pursue an additional degree at UT Arlington may receive services for a period of 30 days following completion of their studies. Services are limited to the same diagnosis for which the individual was treated prior to course completion. Providers will transition individuals in this category to community providers during their final semester at UT Arlington or as soon as the student’s intent to leave UTA and not return is known.

faculty and staff

Faculty and staff currently enrolled in at least one on-campus class at UT Arlington are eligible to receive services during their active enrollment.  These individuals are treated as students. Proof of eligibility is verified by checking the University Student Information System (MyMav). Health Services does not bill employee insurance for these individuals.