Honors College Senior Dinner
Graduating Honors College Seniors (above) are recognized for their achievements with stoles and medallions following dinner in December. Participants include (L to R) Emily Wilson, Nursing; Jabril Rodriguez, Nursing; Anna Reyes, Nursing; Travis Casillas, Nursing; Alison Razon, Nursing; Siddarth Attravanam, Mechanical Engineering; Ruth Bribiesca, Civil Engineering; Alnawaz Devani, Accounting; Krystal Craiker, Anthropology; Michele Cambron, Interdisciplinary Studies; and Sayed Faraz Saleem, Mechanical Engineering. 
From the Republican National Convention 2012 Tampa Bay, Florida
by Lauren Devoll
Honors student Lauren Devoll was selected by President Spaniolo to participate in The Washington Center For Internships and Academic Seminars as a representative of UT Arlington at the Republican National Political Convention in Tampa Bay, Florida. In experiencing democracy in progress, she was able to network with nationally and internationally recognized leaders in politics and media. Her experiences follow.
My senior year began with a two-week field trip. Instead of climbing aboard a bus with zoo tickets in hand, I boarded an airplane carrying my Republican National Convention credentials to Tampa Bay, Florida. 
The day after arrival I triumphantly marched into orientation for The Washington Center?s Academic Seminar, a program that includes lectures from esteemed political scholars, journalists, and public servants as well as classroom discussions and fieldwork at the Republican National Convention.    READ MORE
 Adventures of a Washington Intern
    by Abby Allen
Every semester, a handful of students from the nine UT System schools are selected to participate in the Bill Archer Fellowship Program in Washington D.C. The program involves taking three classes while working full-time in an internship for an organization of the student?s choosing. I participated in the Fall 2012 class of Archer Fellows and can say without exaggerating that last semester was the most important and exciting of my college career. Living in the nation?s capital is truly incredible. The Archer housing is in an amazing location right on Capitol Hill. On my daily commute to work, I passed the Supreme Court, the Capitol, the House and Senate offices, and the Library of Congress. On weekends it was an easy walk to the National Mall and any one of the free-admission Smithsonian Museums. D.C. offers a truly unique atmosphere that blends local culture (such as street festivals and neighborhood markets) with national pride and history.   READ MORE
Honors Study Abroad Program in Scotland, Summer 2013
Dean Petruso Explaining Study Abroad in Scotland
The Honors College summer study abroad program in 2013 will be held during Summer Session I (May 29-June 16). This is a very popular program, previously offered in 2004 and 2009. It is open to both Honors and non-Honors undergraduates in good academic standing. Two upper-level courses will be offered, and all participants will enroll in both: Archaeology and Early History of Scotland, Stone Age to Vikings (Dean Karl Petruso), and History of Scotland, Roman Imperialism to Devolution (Prof. Stanley Palmer). Both courses may be taken for Honors credit.

All students will receive a generous financial subsidy from the Provost, and both Honors College and UT Arlington scholarship support are available. Financial aid may be applied to the courses.

All participants receive a generous financial subsidy from the Provost. Financial Aid may be applied, and scholarships are available from both the Honors College and the Office of International Education. Application forms and further information may be found at  our Study Abroad portal. Interested students should contact the program director, Dean Petruso, to be added to an e-distribution list. 

Interested in donating to the Honors College?

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Alumnus on the Vanguard of Brain Research

Honors College Alumnus Ali Alam, who is attending Texas A&M Medical School, has been spending his summers studying brain cancer under the tutelage or Dr. Amy Heimberger, Professor of Neurosurgery, at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Ali recently co-authored an article with Chief of Neuropathology at M.D. Anderson, Dr. Greg Fuller, concerning his research on alterative therapeutic options for treating brain tumors.  The article will be published in the Journal of Neuro Oncology within the year, and Ali is presenting his findings at the American Association of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting this spring in New Orleans. 

His research concerns a rare form of neuroglia cell brain cancer called a subependymoma.  He and Professor Heimberger have been on a quest to discover what could inhibit this particular brain tumor in hopes of discovering treatments for this and more common brain cancers.
Honors College Presidential Debate Watch Huge Success
The first political debate between President Barak Obama and governor Mitt Romney had a turnout of over 200 students in the Palo Duro Lounge. Sponsored by the Honors College Council, the screening indicated the high interest UT Arlington students had in the recent presidential election. 
During the screening, Political Science Professor Dr. Victoria Farrar-Myers had students participate in live polls for real time responses allowing students to interact, as representatives from the Republican and Democratic campaigns were present to inform attendees about their political platforms.
Honors College Council president, Mahwish Yasin was interviewed by television station KDFW concerning student reaction to the debate. Yasin said that students are increasingly interested in the debate because they realize how political platforms can affect their lives. She added that a positive feature of the entire event was that 15 to 20 students registered to vote during the debate.
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