Linda Dipert
   Monday evening, May 4th, was an eventful one as the Honors College celebrated the largest graduation class ever with the annual spring senior graduation dinner and recognition ceremony. Forty graduating seniors received stoles, medallions and recognition before some 200 guests in the Bluebonnet Ballroom. Guest speaker for the evening was Honors College alumna, Mrs. Linda Dipert (right), marketing director for Dan Dipert Travel and Transportation Ltd. and Mrs. Dipert earned her Honors Bachelor of Business Administration degree in marketing from UT Arlington in 2001 and serves on the University’s Development Board. She eloquenty spoke of her work and education, stressing three factors for success in any pursuit: enthusiasm, integrity and tenacity. Linda and her husband Dan are responsible for UTA's new University Welcome Center, and have established a generous Honors College fellowship at UTA.  
We are extremely proud of and pleased to recognize the following Honors College Graduates: 
Kiana Alavi, Psychology
Senior Project Title: An Individual’s Personality and Tendency to Try New Foods: Is Experience with Exotic Foods Related to Openness and Sensation Seeking?
Faculty Mentor: Dr. William Ickes.
Kiana plans to take a year off from school to work, gain research experience, volunteer, and continue with a film project on campus before pursuing an advanced graduate degree in Psychology.
Mujhtuba Baksh, Biology
Senior Project Title: Effect of Phosphine Resistance on Hybrids in Populations of Tribolium Castaneum
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jeffrey Demuth.
Mujhtuba will be taking the MCAT Exam in the summer and will be applying to medical school in the future.
Joshua Berry, Electrical Engineering
Senior Project Title: Game Country Inc. Day II Feeder Modernization
Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Wetz.
Joshua plans on obtaining an electrical engineering position with a specialization in Embedded Systems. He is working on designing a couple of electronics projects to put on KickStarter and Youtube to share with the community.
Neha Bishet, Nursing
Senior Project Title: A Qualitative Study of Older Adults’ Perceptions of the Use of Electronic Healthcare Applications
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maureen Courtney.
Neha plans to gain some hospital experience after graduation and then enroll in a graduate program for further studies.
Maleny Calderon, Mathematics
Senior Project Title: Linking Visualizers' and Non-Visualizers' Performance in Calculus to Curriculum and Assessment
Faculty Mentor: Dr. James Epperson.
Maleny plans to become a high school math teacher.
Raegan Cardwell, Broadcasting
Senior Project Title: Objectivity and the Representation of Poverty in the MediaFaculty Mentor: Dr. Andrew Clark.
Raegan will be applying for a job in television news production.
Krissya Carranza, Biology
Senior Project Title: Effects of Aquatic Acidification on Consumer-Resource Dynamics
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matthew Walsh.
After graduation, Krissya plans to attend graduate school to purse a Master's of Education and become a middle school science teacher.
     Honors College Students meet on the steps of College Hall with Dean Karl Petruso, holding their Honors College Research Symposium Certificates. HRS is a culmination of months of hard work and dedication. The Senior Project experience will serve our Honors students well and help prepare them for the next chapter in their lives.  
Rachel Collett, Nursing
Senior Project Title: Family History, Prodromal Symptoms, and Psychosocial Factors in Bipolar Probands
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Diane Snow.  
Rachel has accepted a nurse residency position at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth.
Maria Davalos, Psychology
Senior Project Title: Is Bullying and Its Negative Outcomes Influenced by a Child’s Ethnicity?
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lauri Jensen-Campbell.  
After graduation, Maria plans to attend graduate school and become a licensed professional counselor.
Melissa DeLeon, Nursing
Senior Project Title: A Population-Based Approach to Cesarean Section Surgical Site Infections: Analyzing the Relationship between Income, Access to Food, and Incident Infections
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Susan Baxley.  
Melissa plans to gain experience as a registered nurse and then return to UT Arlington to obtain a Master's Degree to become an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.
Tinuade Dina, Political Science
Senior Project Title: When and Why Do Domestic Courts Use International Law in Their Rulings?
Faculty Mentor: Dr. A. Burcu Bayram.  
Tinuade plans on pursuing a Master's degree in Constitutional Law Studies. She also hopes to get a law degree in the future.
Ishrat Durdana, Biology
Senior Project Title: Effects of the Cyanobacteria Anabaena on Daphnia Traits
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matthew Walsh.  
Ishrat will attend University of North Texas-Health Science Center to get a Master's in Medical Sciences and from there she plans on attending medical school to study Cardiothoracic Surgery.
Mariam El-Rayes, Political Science
Senior Project Title: Disparities in Haitian and Cuban Immigration Policy
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dale Story.  
Mariam will be teaching high school science in Dallas through Teach for America before continuing on to law school.
Emmanuel Fordjour, Biology
Senior Project Title: Analysis of Anti-Clostridium Difficile Activity of Paired Antibiotic Combinations
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Julian Hurdle.  
Emmanuel will be interning at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Columbia University Medical Center this summer and begin an Intramural Research Training Fellowship at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) this Fall. He will be applying to combined MD-PhD programs next summer.
Sidharth Goyal, Computer Science
Senior Project Title: Ichnaea: Student Tracking System
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Manfred Huber.  
Sidharth plans to work for a year or two after graduation and eventually pursue a master's degree. 
John Gurak, Biochemistry
Senior Project Title: Aerobic Organocatalysis: Synthesis of Benzimidazoles by Riboflavin Mimics
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Frank Foss.
John will attend The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA as a National Science Foundation Fellow to pursue a PhD in Organic Chemistry.
Timothy Hoffman, Physics
Senior Project Title: Designing the Atlas Forward Proton Detector through Simulations
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Andrew Brandt.
Timothy will be attending the University of Chicago this Fall to work on his PhD in Particle Physics.
Kimberly Hoffmann, Nursing
Senior Project Title: SANE in TEXAS: An Exploration of Who Cares for Sexual Assault Victims
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Deborah Behan.
After graduation, Kimberly will be working as a graduate nurse on the progressive care unit at Baylor Grapevine.
Adrienn Illesh, Political Science
Senior Project Title: Russia’s Influence on Ukraine’s Political Development from the Orange Revolution to the Present and Its Interest in Terms of IR Theory
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mark Cichock.
Adrienn plans on studying for the LSAT Exam this summer and will continue on to law school in the Fall of 2016. 
Frasier Jones, Aerospace Engineering
Senior Project Title: Single Stage to Orbit: A Stability and Control Perspective
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bernd Chudoba.
Frazier has been admitted to the UT Arlington College of Engineering Graduate Program and will start in the fall of this year.
Roshni Kharadi, Biology
Senior Project Title: Assessing the Role of Gene AT4G29000 in Stomatal Immunity in Arabidopsis Thaliana
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maeli Melotto.
Roshni has been accepted into the Plant Pathology PhD program at Michigan State University with a fellowship and will start classes in the fall.  
Jennifer La, Biology
Senior Project Title: Examining the Black Death through Medieval and Early Renaissance Imagery and Scientific Literature
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Walter Schargel.
Firstly, Jennifer will go to the Bahamas with her friends to recuperate and celebrate their achievements. Then, she will take a gap year by working and saving money to pursue dental school. 
Kiran Lakhani, Biology
Senior Project Title: Determining Cold and Hot Pain Thresholds for a Customized Thermal Plate Using Rodent Models
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yuan B. Peng.
Kiran was recently accepted into the UT San Antonio Neuroscience Doctoral Program as a Ph.D. candidate and will begin the program in Fall 2015.
Adrianna Lall, Nursing
Senior Project Title: Perceptions of Weight and Body Image among Indian Preschool Children: A Replication Study
Faculty Mentor: Sylvia Bates.
Adrianna plans to work as a registered nurse in the critical care hospital setting after graduation.
Kim Le, Psychology
Senior Project Title: Psychosomatic Differences in Human Cognition with Regards to Hypertension
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Heekyeong Park.
After graduation, Kim will move to Fort Worth and attend the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine.
Tangwa Nembo, Civil Engineering
Senior Project Title: New PlayStation (PS3 and PS4) Consoles Refurbishing Process at GameStop, Inc. Grapevine, Texas
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jamie Rogers.
Tangwa will work to get some experience while attending graduate school.
Dianna Nguyen, Biology
Senior Project Title: Axonal Guidance Enticed by Natural Surrogate Targets of Muscle and Skin in Amputee Model
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Walter Schargel.
After graduation, Dianna plans to continue gaining more clinical and research experiences through internships before resuming education at the professional and graduate level by pursuing an MD/PhD degree.  She also plans on traveling and serving more in the community. 
Jennifer Nguyen, Biology
Senior Project Title: The Cross-Generational Effects of Invertebrate Predators on Prey
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matthew Walsh.
Jennifer will continue to research and will eventually apply for veterinary school. During the wait, she will be participating in wildlife internships to gain more large animal experience. 
Trang Nguyen, Management
Senior Project Title: Female Executives: Causes of Depression and Potential Effects on Their Leadership Performance
Faculty Mentor:Rebecca Neilson.
Trang plans to contribute her skills and enthusiasm to a consulting-service company while looking for ways to improve communities.
Tonychris Nnaka, Nursing
Senior Project Title: Problem Drinking, Hooking-up, and Condom Use: Is There a Sexual Double Standard?
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Young.
Tonychris plans to pursue a PhD in Public Health with emphasis on Health Policy and Health Services at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.
Alexandra Novoa, English
Senior Project Title: Devalued Domesticity and Counterfeit Careerism: A Marxist-Feminist Reading of Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kathryn Warren.
After graduation, Alex plans on teaching high school English for a few years before pursuing a master's degree.
Deirdra O’Donoghue, Aerospace Engineering
Senior Project Title: Orbital Elevators: A Performance Analysis
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bernd Chudoba.
Deirdra intends on attending graduate school in Aerospace Engineering.
Tracy Oguni, Software Engineering
Senior Project Title: Improving Seating in Movie Theaters
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Manfred Huber.
Tracy intends to work on a project during the summer, and attend graduate school at UTA in the fall.
Omomayowa Olawoyin, Mathematics
Senior Project Title: Analysis of the Cognitive Level of Student Discourse Elicited by Teacher Response to Pivotal Teaching Moments
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christopher Kribs Zaleta.
Mayowa plans on attending graduate school at UTA to pursue a PhD in Mathematics. 
Beryl Quaye, Biology
Senior Project Title: Correlates of Oral Health in a Community Dental Clinic in Arlington, TX
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Walter Schargel.
Beryl will be attending the UT Health Science Center at Houston School of Dentistry beginning in the fall. 
Thiviyah Raman, Anthropology
Senior Project Title: Motivations and Experiences of Egg Donors in North America: Netnography
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Amy Speier.
Thiviyah plans to pursue a career in psychology or marketing for a few years before attending graduate school.
Prakash Sharma Gautam, Mechanical Engineering
Senior Project Title: Field Cooking Stove
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Raul Fernandez and Dr. Robert Woods.
After Prakash graduates he plans on actively searching for a job.
Amir Shrestha, Mechanical Engineering
Senior Project Title: Pettinger Engine Analysis and Improvement
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Robert L. Woods and Dr. Raul Fernandez.
Following graduation Amir will be serving in the United States Army.
Katey Steffen, Nursing
Senior Project Title: Barriers to Medical Interpreter use in Hospital Settings
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Donelle Barnes.
After graduation Katie plans to start her career as an ICU nurse at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.
Crystal Todd, Mathematics
Senior Project Title: Investigating Some Properties of Noncommutative Quadratic Forms
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michaela Vancliff.
Crystal plans to get a job and continue her education with a Master's of Science in Mathematics and then a Master's of Arts in Church Music.
Karen Truong, Biology
Senior Project Title: Investigating Urban and Rural Ecotypes of the Native Prairie Grass Little Bluestem (Schizachyrium Scoparium)
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Laura Gough.
After graduation, Karen will be attending Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry to pursue a career in dentistry. 
Mary-Catherine Wilson, Exercise Science
Senior Project Title: The Effectiveness of Cellucor C4 Extreme Pre-Workout Supplementation on Submaximal Cycle Endurance
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Judy Wilson.
Following her graduation Mary-Catherine will complete a 40-hour physical therapy internship at UT Southwestern, continue to work at her current job as a physical therapy technician at Baylor Medical Center of Irving until entering physical therapy school in the summer of 2016.
Danica Womack, Psychology
Senior Project Title: The Role of the tVTA in Morphine Drug Reward
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Linda Perrotti.
Danica hopes to pursue a career that helps people with debilitating neurological diseases while also taking a class or two for fun.
                          ACES 2015 Winners
     Two Honors College students were recognized for undergraduate poster presentations at this years ACES Symposium. The Dean's Award went to Biology student Raj Mehta, and an honorable mention went to Biology student Gaurang GupteThe Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students (ACES) Symposium is a university-wide, daylong event that showcases the best of our students' research and creativity, where both undergraduate and graduate students present the research they have done with faculty mentors. 

Department of Biology Awards
     The following Honors College students have received the William L. & Margha Hughes Award for the Study of Biology:  Priscilla Glenn, Christina Koo, Grant Pham, Eyad Shihabeddin, and Nadine Shihabeddin. 
Articulation Agreement Signed with TCC
Karl M. Petruso, Dean
     Over the past decade, the establishment of honors programs has become increasingly popular in two-year institutions in the U.S. The National Collegiate Honors Council has encouraged the establishment of such options, both because they enhance the students’ academic experience at the associate degree level and   satisfy the aspirations of high-achieving students who the bachelor’s degree subsequently. 
     The University of Texas at Arlington has always been a preferred destination for such students in north Texas. In recognition of the increasing popularity of community college honors programs, UT Arlington’s Honors College has been reaching out to our colleagues in the region to encourage formal relationships. Often our mutual interest in providing an academically challenging university experience to their students results in bi-institutional articulation agreements that stipulate the number and content of two-year Honors courses that can be applied to a UT Arlington Honors BA/BS degree.
     UT Arlington first established an articulation agreement with the Cornerstone Honors Program at one of the campuses of Tarrant County Junior College—now Tarrant County College—in 1996; at that time ours was an honors program (to become an Honors College three years later). In 2014 Chancellor Erma Johnson-Hadley of TCC sought to expand the Cornerstone program to all five campuses, and our two institutions began negotiations toward a new, expanded articulation agreement. 
     Earlier this spring semester, officials of both UT Arlington and Tarrant County College convened to ratify and sign a memorandum of understanding in an elegant ceremony in the ballroom of the TCC Southeast Campus. A few photos from that event may be seen below.

Signing of the agreement by Dr. Joy Gates Black, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Student Success, TCC, and Dr. Ron Elsenbaumer, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, UT Arlington

UTA and TCC officials attending the signing ceremony
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