Learn about tips for pre-meds, microfossils and exomoons @ UTA Honors.
Learn about tips for pre-meds, microfossils and exomoons @ UTA Honors.
Honors Grad Studies Epidemics With Equations

When Mayowa Olawoyin was ten years old, she loved to play school with her friends. She enjoyed playing pretend teacher, happily writing down problems and givng her students homework. The subject was always math.

Today, Mayowa is a second year grad student with an honors degree in math. Now her focus is research in mathematical biology, which is useful for understanding organic processes with equations. Read more.

“My advice is to stick to it and keep going -- and to ask for help! I’m really big on asking for help. A lot of people don’t really like asking for help because that shows weakness but we don’t all know everything.”

Bridge Fellow Investigates Microfossils
Honors graduate and Torgeson Bridge fellow Laura Cruz-Gomez investigates tiny fossils from the age of the dinosaurs.

Foraminifera means “hole bearers” in Latin. Foram are part of the ameboid protist class in the kingdom protista, meaning they’re single-celled organisms that are not plant, animal or fungi. 100 million years ago these tiny critters populated the ancient oceans. Read more.
The Model Student: Adam Fogel's Architecture
If you’ve seen the cardboard model of Italy’s Palazzo Vecchio sitting next to the couch in the Honors College office then you’ve noticed the work of architecture senior Adam Fogel.

Last semester, Adam received a total of four accolades at the Honors Induction ceremony. He was awarded two scholarships, the Robert D. Riley and the Nancy C. Sommerman Memorial scholarships respectively. He also received the Alan and Bonnie Petsche Award for Honors Study Abroad. Read more.
Physics Junior Explores Exomoons
Things are looking up for physics junior Niyousha Davachi. She’s exploring another star system, theorizing with lagrangians (pronounced la-grahn-jians) and won speaker awards at conferences across Texas and the country.

If there’s potential life on another planet, Niyousha may take part in finding out someday. Read more.

“What exactly happened at the beginning of time when the definition of time started?”

Meet The Honors Staff: Bobbie Brown
It’s not always easy navigating the college world without a great adviser. That’s where Bobbie Brown steps in. She plays several roles: student, teacher, mother and a grandmother who went from an students to adviser.
Bobbie is a non-traditional student. Before college, she worked as an accountant and office manager for ten years. During an economic downturn, her company let her go. Everyone was getting laid off and nobody was hiring. Read more.

“Many students don’t think that they have what it takes to do honors, when the reality is that they do." 

Tips For Med School: An Interview With Kalee Moore
Honors grad Kalee Moore is a medical student at UNT Health Science Center. She graduated with a bachelor of science in biology and chemistry minor in 2014.
Currently in her second year, she’s been hitting the books, taking tests and learning new skills to have what it takes to be a doctor. Now she's giving pre-med students insights from her experience on what to expect when they're facing that entrance interview.
Read more.

“They don’t want to hear you want to be a doctor to help people. Even though that was truly my reason. They really want to know deeper, ‘why'?"

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