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Honors Study Abroad : Costa Rica 2005

Join UTA Professors Paul Medley and Robert McMahon for Study Abroad in Costa Rica, Summer I, 2005.

Throughout this three-week field program students will be given the opportunity to explore and study a wide range of environments including coastal pacific islands, coral reefs, rocky marine shores, mangroves, active volcanoes, lowland rain and dry forests, and high-altitude cloud forests. Students will be introduced to tropical aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems where they can study nature in a truly breathtaking setting.

Course Goals and Objectives:
  • Introduce students to the general principals of tropical ecology and marine biology as well as the relationships between the environment and organisms that occupy tropical ecosystems.
  • Recognize common neotropical plant and animal families and genera in the field
  • Gain appreciation for the enormous biodiversity found in the neotropics
  • Become aware of the fundamental threats to tropical ecosystems
  • Learn biological field research in the context of chosen research topic
  • Learn what sustainable development really means
  • Experience a stimulating learning experience and have fun
Photos and Journals from Costa Rica
Check back during the trip for photos and journals from participating students.
Program Information

Pre-requisites: BIOL 1441 and BIOL 1442, or permission of instructors

Application (Available in PDF): Download the application

Publicity Flyers (Available in PDF): Download Flyer #1

Program Dates: May 14 - June 5, 2005 (5-week Summer I semester)
(Note: This course overlaps the Maymester)

Program Cost: $450 for Honors College students. Payment only holds a place in the program. The cost for Non-Honors students is $1450, which includes the $450 deposit. All students are responsible for tuition and fees, airfare (approximately $550), some meals, and incidentals.

Courses: BIOL 3310: Field Course in Tropical Biology, BIOL 4379: Marine Biology. All students pay UTA tuition and applicable fees.

Course descriptions: Not yet available.

Itinerary: Download the itinerary in Adobe PDF

Applicant Interviews: February and early March, 2005. Professors will schedule an interview after application is received.

Interest Sessions: Wednesday, Feb 23, 12:30 PM; and Thursday, Feb 24, 3 PM. Both are held in the Carolyn A Barros Reading Room, College Hall

Orientation Sessions: April 29, 2005, 3 - 5 p.m., Carolyn A Barros Reading Room, Suite 100, College Hall

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