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Honors Study Abroad : England 2011 ( May 26 - June 13, 2011 )
Join other UTA students and Professors Kevin Gustafson and Tim Henry for Study Abroad in England, Summer I, 2011.
Experience the pleasure of living and learning in an international setting, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Highlights of the program include:
  • Receive 6 hours of upper-level UT Arlington credit (two courses).
  • Team-taught by Kevin Gustafson (English) and Tim Henry (Biology).
  • Participants will travel extensively in southern and northern England. Regions visited will include: Oxford, Cambridge, York, Manchester and London. Various sites around these areas also will be visited.
Program Information
Application (Available in PDF): Program Application in PDF
Publicity Flyers: Not yet available
Program Dates: May 26 - June 13, 2011 [tentative] (5-week Summer I semester)

Program Cost: To be determined. Should be available in early 2011.

Online Payments: Online payments can be made starting November 20 (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover). If you wish to make a credit card payment in-person, please see Jim Perry in the Honors College for assistance.

Courses: ENGL 3300: Topics in English: Place and English Poetry (download the syllabus for ENGL 3300) and SCIE 2392: Special Topics in Science: Discovery and Impact (download the syllabus for SCIE 2392)
Course descriptions: Not yet available
Itinerary: Availability anticipated toward the end of the year

Interest Sessions: To be announced

Orientation Sessions: To be announced
Study Abroad Resources (on-campus and off-campus links)

Link: UT Arlington Office of International Education

Link: U.S. State Department Students Abroad website

Link: U.S. passport information

Info: Apply for a passport in person at the US Postal Service Passport Clerk, 300 E South Street.

Link: The British Consulate in Houston, Texas

Link: List of websites for embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions in the Unites States

Link: U.S. State Department Travel Resources

Link: U.S. State Department Consular Information Sheet for the United Kingdom

Link: U.S. State Department Foreign Entry Requirements information

Link: U.S. State Department Tips for Safe Travel Abroad

Link: US Transportation Security Administration Information for Air Travel

Link: Visa Information for the United Kingdom: Do I need a visa? (or check with your nation's consulate)

Link: Centers for Disease Control: General Travel information, Health information for the United Kingdom

Link: Go to EnjoyEngland.Com for tourism info.

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