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Honors Study Abroad : France 2008

It is time to start thinking about Honors Study Abroad, Summer I, 2008. Experience the pleasure of living and learning in an international setting, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Highlights of the program include:
  • 6 hours of UT Arlington undergraduate credit — ANTH 4358: Archaeology and Early History of France (Petruso) and MODL 3301/ENGL 3301: Constructing Place, Constructing the Past: Travel Writing on France (Van Noort).
  • Extensive travel throughout the country.

Program Information

Application (Available in PDF): Download the France 2008 Application.

Program Dates: May 21-June 10, 2008 (Summer I, 2008).

Program Cost: Initial deposit: $500 with application; additional $1000 if accepted to program due by March 14, 2008.

Online Payments: CLOSED.

Courses: ANTH 4358 (Archaeology and Early History of France), taught by Prof. Karl Petruso, and MODL 3301/ENGL 3301 (Constructing Place, Constructing the Past: Travel Writing on France), taught by Prof. Kimberly van Noort

Itinerary: Download the France 2008 itinerary in Adobe PDF or view the France 2008 itinerary on the web. Based in Paris, but extensive travel in Provence, Languedoc, the Dordogne, Brittany and Normandy, visiting sites of archaeological and historical interest.

For more information: contact Dr. Karl Petruso, Director (petruso@uta.edu).

Additional Study Abroad funding: The Office of International Education provides an additional scholarship opportunity throught the International Education Fee Scholarship (IEFS). Refer to the web site or call the Study Abroad Office for more information and deadlines.

Interest sessions: There are two interest sessions on January 23, 2008, Noon - 1 pm; and January 24, 2008, 4 - 5 pm.

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