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Honors Study Abroad : Italy 1999 (June 1 - 21, 1999)

The Florentine Renaissance

The Honors College at the University of Texas at Arlington invites you to spend three weeks in the historic city of Florence, Italy. Honors students will explore Renaissance thought and culture while staying on the outskirts of Florence, the glorious city-state that shaped the views of modern politics and art through the writings of Dante Alighieri, Nicolo Machiavelli, Guiccicardini, Castigilione, the paintings, sculpture, and architecture of Michaelangelo, Giotto, Celinni, Arnolfo, and Pisano and the machinations of the Medici oligarchy.

Students will research Italy's cultural and architectural monuments:
Students will visit Rome, Siena, Venice, Ravenna, Pisa, and Orvieto. Scheduled tours include the Uffizi Art Gallery, Medici Palace and Library, St. Peter's in Rome, St. Mark's Square in Venice, Murano Glassworks, Museo Vetrario, the Summer Opera Festival, and of course, sampling copious amounts of Italian cuisine. Participants are also allowed a free weekend of travel.

Major goals of the Honors Florentine Renaissance are:
Acquiring new knowledge and understanding of the literature, art, philosophy, and people that dominated Renaissance Italy; on-site visits to historic monuments and architectural phenomena; linking historical events and developments with twentieth century culture; and understanding the contributions of the people and region to American institutions and culture.

Students may earn 3-6 hours of UTA Summer I Session college credit:
All students participating in the Florentine Renaissance must enroll (at UTA) for: English 4382-001- Renaissance and Baroque Literature. Students wishing to substitute Florentine Renaissance for the Honors Thesis requirement should register for an additional three hours: English 4337-001- Special Topics: Themes in Comparative Literature. Studies will include Renaissance Art, Conversational Italian, Philosophy, Science and Politics. English 4337 will be completed on campus prior to departure to Italy - May 10-14, and May 17-21. All credit applied to the student's degree must be approved by the major advisor.

Specific Course Requirements:
Every participating honors student is required to be in Florence from June 1-22, 1999 and to participate in all lectures, discussions, presentations, and tours. A student journal will replace the usual formal paper. After reading the assigned materials, students will prepare a one-page summary of assigned readings prior to the daily lecture. In addition, students will include a set of lecture notes on the day's topic. A final entry for each day will be a detailed description of the site visit for the day and a personal response to the site. The journals will be submitted once a week and on the day prior to the final exam. A comprehensive final will be given on Monday, June 21st. After the final, students will be free until the Italian banquet that evening.

Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements and costs:
All participants are required to have a passport and are responsible for their own travel arrangements to Florence. A suggested low cost route of travel is DFW to Rome or Milan and a train or bus to Florence. The program is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, June 1, 1999. All participants should be present the afternoon of May 31st for registration, orientation, and reception. The program will conclude with final exams and a banquet on Monday, June 21, 1999. Students should plan on a Tuesday departure.

View the Itinerary and Syllabus (in Adobe PDF)

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