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Honors Study Abroad : Prague 1999

Honors in Prague

The Honors College at the University of Texas at Arlington invites you to spend three weeks in the stunning city of Prague. Students will explore the gothic, baroque, art-nouveau, and cubist structures that are distinctly Czech while studying Physics or Economics at historic Charles University. Prague boasts a long and colorful history with periods of domination by Saxons, Swedes, Germans, and Russians. At one time the seat of the Holy Roman Empire and at another the citadel of the Hapsburgs, Prague sustains a reputation as a vital political, cultural, and economic center.

Students will visit cultural and architectural monuments:
In addition to study in Prague, students will travel to Geneva, Vienna, Hamburg, and Bratislava. Historic sites in Prague include Prague Castle, the Saint Vitus Cathedral, Matthias Gate, St. George Church, Golden Street, the Royal Gardens- the Manege and the Belvedere, and of course the world renowned coffee shops.

Students may earn 3 hours of UTA Summer I Session college credit:
All students participating in Honors in Prague must enroll (at UTA) for Physics 3313: Introduction to Modern Physics or Economics 4322: International Financial Relations, depending on the course credit you seek. All credit applied to the student's degree must be approved by the major advisor.

Physics 3313: Introduction to Modern Physics. A brief introduction to the theories of quantum mechanics followed by a survey of atomic physics, nuclear physics, particle physics, conductors, semiconductors, and modern electronic devices. Prerequisites: PHYS 1288 or 1444 and MATH 2325 or 2425.


Economics 4322: International Financial Relations. This is a course in international monetary economics. The tools developed in this course will be geared towards understanding important issues in European monetary and economic integration. Prerequisites: ECON 2305, 2306 and 3312.

Specific Course Requirements:
Honors in Prague Physics students will meet in Geneva, Switzerland for a tour of CERN after the study in Prague.

All Honors in Prague students are required to be in Prague from May 19-June 13, 1999 and to participate in all lectures, discussions, presentations, and tours. Each student is required to read and complete the material assigned for class.

Honors in Prague Cost Breakdown
The following is a tentative cost breakdown of Honors in Prague. The figures are subject to change and may vary depending upon each student's personal travel arrangements. Participants are responsible for their own airfare, dinner, and tuition costs.

Airfare - $800.00 (approximately)

UTA Tuition - $322.89 - $602.28 (resident tuition for 3-6 hours) or $961.89 - $1880.28 (non-resident tuition for 3-6 hours). These figures are equal to the amount of tuition and fees at UTA for the Summer I 1999 session.

Books - $100.00 (approximately)

Dinners Only – $500.00 (approximately $20.00/day).

Program Costs - $1200.00 – This will include dormitory accommodations, two meals/day (breakfast & lunch), receptions, banquets, museum fares and local travel, side trips, and public transportation.

"Most financial aid that students would normally receive for studying at the University may continue to be utilized during a U.T. Arlington study abroad program. If a student is on any federal or state financial aid, the student should discuss the specifics of the application of such aid and the possible adjustment of the student's need level with the study abroad advisor in the International Office and subsequently the Financial Aid office. Participants are also eligible to apply for an International Education Fee Scholarship (IEFS). Applications are available from the International Office. (UTA Catalog 1997-99, pg. 9).

Application, Deposit, Registration, and Orientation deadlines:

Friday, March 26, 1999 – Application for Honors in Prague due
Friday, March 26, 1999 - $500.00 Deposit due to reserve Room & Board
April 5-28, 1999 – UTA Telephone Registration for Summer I Session
Monday, May 17, 1999 – Honors in Prague Orientation
Monday, May 3, 1999 – Final Balance due

Honors In Prague is limited to fifteen students in Economics and fifteen students in Physics.

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