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Honors Study Abroad : Prague 2001

Honors in Prague

The Honors College at the University of Texas at Arlington invites you to spend three weeks in the stunning city of Prague. Students will explore the gothic, baroque, art-nouveau, and cubist structures that are distinctly Czech while studying Physics or Economics at historic Charles University. Prague boasts a long and colorful history with periods of domination by Saxons, Swedes, Germans, and Russians. At one time the seat of the Holy Roman Empire and at another the citadel of the Hapsburgs, Prague sustains a reputation as a vital political, cultural, and economic center.

Join other UTA students and Professor Kaushik De for Study Abroad in Prague at Charles University, May 27th - June 20th, 2001

Experience the pleasure of living and learning in an international setting, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:

  • Receive up to 3 hours in UTA transfer credit.
  • Team-taught by Kaushik De (Physics), Martha Mann (Psychology) and Steve Quevedo (Architecture).
  • Historical visits to include: Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Matthias Gate, St. George Church, Golden Street and the Royal Gardens, the Manege and Belvedere. Additionally, there will be side trips to Vienna, Bratislava and historic sites in Bohemia.

COST: airfare, $500 room and board, tuition.

COURSES: Science 2301: Foundations of Science. This course presents an integrated view of the fundamental concepts in the physical and biological sciences.

ORIENTATION SESSION: May 28, 3:00 PM, Lobby of dorm at Charles University, Prague, The Czech Republic.

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