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The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

Policies and Procedures

Grade Grievance Policy

Honors College Grade Grievance Policy

The undergraduate catalog describes the procedure for pursuing grievances related to grades and should be consulted before filing a grievance. In addition, the Honors College Advisers are available to help students navigate the process.

Grievance Procedure

It is the obligation of the student to make a serious effort to resolve a grievance with the instructor. In grievances related to grades, it is important to remember that the instructor has primary responsibility for assigning grades. Appeals of grades, therefore, will not be considered at levels above the course instructor unless the student can offer evidence of discrimination, differential treatment, or procedural irregularities. Appeals for students enrolled in HONR-prefix courses must be made through appropriate channels as described below.

  1. Before you may appeal a grade to the Dean of the Honors College, you must have attempted to resolve the complaint with the instructor who issued the grade.
  2. Complete both the front and back of the Honors College Student Academic Grievance Form for Appeal of a Grade obtained from an Honors College Adviser. Additional supporting materials may be attached.
  3. Return the completed form to an Honors Adviser who will assist you in scheduling an appointment with the Dean of the Honors College. Please note that this is not an interview to review the details of the grievance. Your grievance will be reviewed on the basis of the paperwork that you submit (i.e., the form and supporting materials provided).
  4. The Dean of the Honors College will review your appeal. If your appeal provides the basis for further review, the Dean will ask the instructor to comment on your appeal.
  5. The Dean will inform you of his/her decision in writing. The decision will be mailed to you at the address that you enter on the Student Academic Grievance Form.

For grade grievances related to Honors coursework in a non-HONR course, a student must file a grade grievance according to the policy of the appropriate department.