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The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

Policies and Procedures

Probation Policy

Academic Probation in the Honors College

Current Honors students are required to maintain a 3.2 GPA (3.0 GPA for students accepted to the Honors College prior to September 1, 2001) to remain in good standing with the Honors College. Students will not be automatically removed from the Honors College should they fall below the 3.2 GPA standard. Students whose GPA falls below the requirements will be notified in writing of their status and be given the opportunity and support for returning to the Honors academic standards by entering into an Honors Probation Contract. Students who sign the probation contract remain in good standing in the Honors College during the probationary period. Students who do not sign the Probation Contract or who do not reach the target 3.2 GPA by the end of the probationary period will be removed from the Honors College. They are, however, eligible to reapply for admission should they later meet Honors College admission standards.