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The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

Policies and Procedures

Resignation Policy

Resignation Policy

No student is automatically removed from the Honors College. Once a student has completed an application for admission and been officially accepted into the College, a student will not be removed from the unless he or she:

  1. Makes a formal request to an Honors Adviser for removal.
  2. Receives written notification of removal from the Honors College which discusses the reason for removal and the appeal process.

Unless one of these conditions occurs, a student will be considered an Honors College student and held to the standards required of Honors students.

Students who have not enrolled in courses at UTA for four consecutive regular Fall/Spring semesters will be placed in an "inactive" status and can be reinstated with the Honors College upon their return to the University. We recommend that students schedule an appointment and meet with an Honors Adviser upon return.

Honors College Resignation Form