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The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

Academic Advising

Working With Your Adviser

New Honors College students are required to meet with an Honors Adviser during their first semester at UTA. In order to retain Honors status and privileges, students must make and keep this mandatory appointment with an Honors Adviser. In addition, the Honors College requires that students be advised thereafter at least once a year, in addition to meeting with their major/department adviser. The Honors Advisers and support staff provide Honors students with personalized attention and information that will help them attain their Honors Degree. The ultimate responsibility for making decisions about educational plans and life goals rests with the individual student. The Honors College advisers are available to assist you with identifying and assessing alternatives.

When To See Your Adviser

  1. During a student's first semester as a member of the Honors College at UTA.
  2. During the first semester of their sophomore year to:
    • Evaluate their progress towards the Honors degree.
    • Discuss any special opportunities that may be available to them.
  3. During their Junior year to:
    • Complete a degree audit.
    • Evaluate their progress towards the Honors degree.
    • Be advised on the Capstone Project process.
  4. To discuss any problems that affect academic performance.
  5. To select Honors courses for the upcoming semester.
  6. To discuss academic progress.
  7. To discuss selecting a major.
  8. To develop an Honors degree plan.
  9. To discuss career considerations.
  10. To discuss graduate/professional school considerations.
  11. To discuss funding opportunities (i.e. fellowships, scholarships, research assistantships, etc.).
  12. To investigate study abroad opportunities.
  13. If you have questions about the Capstone Project or graduation

Or...just when you need a friendly ear to talk to.

How To See Your Honors Adviser

Although Honors Advisers are available during regular office hours, the College strongly recommends students make an appointment to ensure they receive the individualized attention they may need.

  1. Become familiar with your adviser's office hours/schedule.
  2. Whenever possible, call or email to make an appointment instead of dropping by without one.
  3. If it is necessary to drop by without an appointment, allow plenty of time in case you have to wait to see your adviser.
  4. Because the first and last two weeks of each semester are the busiest for advisers, schedule longer conferences during the middle portion of the semester.

What All Honors Students Should Do

  • Contact and keep in touch with your adviser.
  • Make and keep appointments or call if it is necessary to change or cancel an appointment.
  • Be prepared with specific questions in mind.
  • Come prepared with necessary materials (pencil/pen, class schedule, Student Handbook, major degree plan, etc.).
  • Be open concerning school work, study habits, academic progress, etc.

Adapted from How You and Your Advisor Will Work Together by the Undergraduate Advising Center at the University of Iowa, July, 1981.