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Specialized Programs and the Honors College
The Second Degree and Double Major Plans

UTA offers several attractive options for completing an undergraduate second degree or double major plan. If you are seeking a second degree or double major, you will need to decide which major will serve you for your thesis preparation. In rare circumstances, the Honors thesis work may span both majors and entail substantial integration of the major areas. To do this, you will need to obtain written permission from each degree plan advisor in order to earn an Honors degree in each major and you will need to find a thesis director willing and able to mentor you in each area.

If a student wishes to be awarded two Honors degrees, an Honors Senior Project must be completed for both degrees.

Dual Degree Plans ( Bachelors and Masters )

Some departments offer a dual degree plan that entails completing the Bachelors degree with a Masters degree in five (5) years. Dual degree programs offer you the opportunity to accelerate your educational plan. The Honors Thesis will serve you well as you make the transition from undergraduate to graduate study; the Honors Thesis option may even inspire your Master thesis or graduate degree plan. If you are planning to enroll in a dual degree program, it is important to consult with both your undergraduate (major and Honors) and graduate degree plan advisors on the appropriate course of study. Graduate courses may count toward the fulfillment of Honors credit hour requirements. An Honors Degree will be awarded only for the Bachelors degree.

The McNair Program

The McNair Scholars program at UTA strives to provide experiences that prepare undergraduate students for doctoral study and the professoriate. The McNair program supports undergraduates who are low-income, first-generation college students and/or students from minority groups who are underrepresented in graduate programs. Through the research methods course and a summer research fellowship, McNair students may potentially fulfill the requirements for the Honors Senior Project course. The Honors oral competency requirement must be fulfilled through the Honors Research Symposium (HRS), held each semester.

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