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Staff Directory
Kevin Gustafson, Ph.D.
Interim Dean
Associate Professor, English
Dr. Gustafson represents the Honors College to the University and external bodies; manages resources and budgets; is responsible for planning; selects staff; oversees recruitment and retention; promotes development; and organizes and directs the Honors College study abroad programs; advises students working on experiential Senior Projects; heads Honors initiatives in service learning; and evaluates both oral presentations at the Honors Research Symposium and Senior Projects. He is also Associate Professor of English, with research interests in Medieval and Early Modern Literature, the History of Rhetoric, and Textual Editing.
Associate Dean
The Associate Dean oversees academic affairs, including relations with honors programs at area two-year colleges; represents the Honors College on the University Curriculum Committee and other University committees.
Tim Henry, D.D.S.
Assistant Dean
Lecturer, Biology
Dr. Henry oversees student affairs and the Honors College publication Veneratio; promotes research faculty and undergraduate students internships; assists students with prestigious non-UT Arlington fellowships; reviews science-based senior projects; advises pre-healthcare undergraduates and addresses student grievances. His duties also include Honors College assessment plans for the University Unit Effectiveness Process utilizing the Online Assessment Tracking System, and assessment of Honors College student critical thinking, analytical reasoning, written communication and problem solving. Dr. Henry represents the Honors College as a member of the Undergraduate Research Committee, the Sustainability Committee, the First Year Excellence Committee, and other academic committees. Dr. Henry has worked as a television news anchor, practice management consultant, dentist, professional musician, graphic artist and biologist. He currently teaches human anatomy and physiology, and online distance education courses at UT Arlington.
Bobbie Brown, M.A.
Student Specialist III,
Junior/Senior Advising
Bobbie advises juniors, seniors, and Goolsby students in the Honors College with regard to Honors progress, the Senior Project, and graduation. In addition to advising, Bobbie coordinates the Senior Project Information Sessions, the Honors Research Symposium (HRS), the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships, oversees Honors Credit Contracts, and serves as a liaison to the Office of Records and Registration and the University Commencement committee.
Cheryl Gralish
Administrative Secretary
Cheryl greets visitors and provides general information about the Honors College. She works with dual credit and early admission high school students as part of the Honors Academy, UTA‘s on-campus dual credit program.
Brittney Kwan, M.Ed.
Student Specialist II,
New Student Advising
Advises students who are new to the Honors College; every new member meets with her to discuss Honors College requirements and benefits. In between advising appointments, Brittney coordinates the admissions process which occurs monthly, and also organizes Honors College scholarships. Throughout the year, Brittney also helps the College recruit new members and plan special events.
Linda Nesbitt
Administrative Assistant II
Handles all aspects of the funding/budgets for the Honors College.
Jim Perry
Course scheduling, departmental data, departmental technical and event support, DSA/ISA/DSL
Cathy Pritchett, M.S.
Directory of Programming
Plan, coordinate and implement Honors College event programming; plan and direct Honors College student recruitment; supervise academic advisors; advise the Honors College Council student organization and the Honors Advocates; coordinate the Honors Research Symposium; facilitate the Honors Faculty Advisory Council and the Outstanding Honors Faculty Award.
Perri Turner, M.A.
Director, Honors Academy
Director, AP* Summer Institute
Directs the Honors Academy Dual Credit Program and the AP* Summer Institute.
*AP is a registered trademark of the College Board. Used with Permission.
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