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Veneratio - The Archive
The Newsletter of the UT Arlington Honors College
The New Veneratio

Welcome to the archive of past issues of the revised and enlarged Honors College newsletter, an endeavor that is planned to be a semester production. In addition to expanded coverage and content, we have enlarged our target audience to include the many constituencies of the Honors College, including Honors alumni, the larger UT Arlington community, parents of Honors students, and current and potential supporters of the College. We have a story to tell, and it is worth telling to any and all interested parties. If you are not now on our distribution list and would like to be added, you can sign up online.

The new series of Veneratio will appear only in electronic form, in keeping with UT Arlington's move to go green. Doing so will allow us to include much more in the way of graphics (particularly photographs) than we have done in the past.

Finally, an observation and a request. No publication writes itself. I encourage current Honors students to step forward with ideas for both main articles and regular features; any investment of time and talent you would care to make in writing for Veneratio would be much appreciated. Perhaps you are a blogger, and would like to try your hand at journalistic writing for a targeted audience. Perhaps you have design and layout skills, or would like to cover Honors events as a photographer. The Honors College is your college, and you are best prepared to tell its story. If you would like to participate, please contact us.

How to sign-up

If you would like to join the mailing list for future issues, you can sign up online.

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