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Course Offerings for Fall 2016 - Updated: 2016-Aug-12

Closed: ENGL 1301-016 (2016-Aug-12)
Added: MAVS 1000 sections (2016-May-20)

Honors Sciences
HONR-SC 1313-001:
(Krasij) Liberal Arts Honors Mathematics [MW 400-520P]
HONR-SC 1426-001,
HONR-SC 1426-101:
(TBA) Honors Calculus I [lecture (section 001): [TR 1230-150P];
lab (section 101): [TR 1100-1150A]
BIOL 1441-003:
(Frederick, L.) Honors Biology I, take any lab section [TR 930-1050A]
there is no special Honors section of chemistry offered.
PHYS 1443-004:
(De, K.) Honors Physics I, take any lab section [TR 930-1050A]
MAVS 1000
MAVS 1000-024:
(Brown, B.) MAVS 1000 [T 1230-120P]
MAVS 1000-052:
(Pritchett, C.) MAVS 1000 [T 1100-1150A]
Honors Seminars
HONR-LA 2300-001:
Cancelled - 2012-May-07
Sections Restricted to Honors Students
ENGL 1301-016:
CLOSED (2016-Aug-12)
ENGL 1302-007:
(G. Martin) [MWF 1000-1050A]
UTTER Program Courses (cross-listed)
HONR-SC 2303-001:
(TBA) Mathematical Modeling in Ecology (BIOL/MATH 2350) [TBA]
HONR-SC 3304-001:
(TBA) Probability and Random Processes in Biology (CANCELLED: 2012-06-20)
HONR-SC 4103-001:
(TBA) Seminar in Mathematical Biology (BIOL/MATH 4150) [TBA]

The Undergraduate Training in Theoretical Ecology Research (UTTER) Program provides an integrated research and education experience for cohorts of undergraduates in biology and mathematics. Each cohort of eight students will pursue a two-year program of mentoring, seminars, research, and specially designed interdisciplinary coursework.
Link: http://www.uta.edu/math/utter/

Architecture (cross-listed)

Listed below is a special block of courses selected by the Landscape Architecture Program to give Honors students a head-start on the Landscape Architecture Masters program while undergraduates. Courses are offered in the Fall and Spring. For more information about the program, contact Dr. Pat Taylor (pdt@uta.edu).

HONR-AR 4303-001:
(C. Thompson) Site Planning and Development Processes (LARC 5301-001) [F 600-850P]
HONR-AR 4303-002:
(K. Holliday) History and Theory of Landscape Architecture I (LARC 5312) [TR 1100-1220P]
HONR-AR 4303-003:
(R. Fields) Landscape Architecture and Environmental Art (LARC 5324) [F 1200-250P]
HONR-AR 4303-004:
(C. Thompson) Park and Recreation Design and Planning (LARC 5344) [R 1200-250P]
HONR-AR 4303-005:
(J. Richards) Communications for Landscape Architects (LARC 5320) [MW 600-850P]
HONR-AR 4303-006:
(D. Hopman) Plant Identification & Ecology (LARC 5330) [MR 1200-250P]
HONR-AR 4604-001:
(J. Richards) Design Studio I (LARC 5661) [TR 600-960P]

HONR-AR 4303-005, 4303-006 and 4604-004 are high recommended for concurrent enrollment. In order to take an individual course of this group, permission from the Landscape Architecture advisor is required.

Business (sections restricted to Honors students only)
ECON 2305-003:
(J. Himarios) Principles of Macro Economics [TR 930-1050A]
This section is restricted to Honors students.
ECON 3303-009:
(C-Y. Choi) Money and Banking [TR 200-320P]
This section is restricted to Honors students.
Education (cross-listed)
HONR-ED 3304-001:
(Yilla) Undergraduate Research Methods (KINE 3325-001) [MWF 100-150P]
Engineering (cross-listed)
HONR-EN 3304-001:
(Yilla) Undergraduate Research Methods (KINE 3325-001) [MWF 100-150P]
Liberal Arts (cross-listed)
HONR-LA 2300-001:
Cancelled - 2012-May-07
HONR-LA 2303-001:
(S. Wigley) Introduction to Public Relations (PREL 2338-001) [MWF 1100-1150A]
HONR-LA 2303-002:
(Farrar-Myers) US Government (POLS 2311) [TBA]
HONR-LA 3304-001:
(S. Smith) Adaptation and Race (ANTH 3311-001) [MWF 1100-1150A]
HONR-LA 3304-002:
(K. Bergstrand) Social Statistics (SOCI 3352-001) [MWF 100-150P]
HONR-LA 3304-003:
(B. Connor) Sociological Theory (SOCI 3372-001) [TR 800-920A]
HONR-LA 3304-004:
(M. Vaccaro) Early Renaissance (ART 3307-001) [TR 1100-1220P]
HONR-LA 3304-005:
(S. Alaimo) Gay and Lesbian Literature (ENGL 3364-001) [1230-150P]
HONR-LA 3304-006:
(B. Wright) Impressionism (ART 3315-001) [T 530-820P]
HONR-LA 3304-007:
(Farrar-Myers) Legislative Organization and Procedure (POLS 3306-001) [MWF 100-150P]
HONR-LA 4303-001:
(B. Sasley) Politics of Israel (POLS 4371-001) [MWF 100-150P]
HONR-LA 4303-002:
(A. Tigner) Early Modern Women and Literature Production (ENGL 4399-002) [TR 1100-1220P]
HONR-LA 4303-003:
(Hermes) Metaphysics (PHIL 4386-001) [MWF 1000-1050A]
HONR-LA 4303-004:
(Sasley) The Politics and Foreign Policy of Israel (POLS 4371-001) [MWF 100-150P]
HONR-LA 4303-005:
(Stvan) Corpus Linguistics (LING 4330-001) [TR 200-320P]
HONR-LA 4303-006:
(Cawthon) Madness and Mental Illness in History (HIST 4388) [TBA]
HONR-LA 4303-007:
(L Baker) American Thought (PHIL 4388-001) [TR 1230-150P]
HONR-LA 4303-008:
(Farrar-Myers) Separation of Powers and American Institutions (POLS 4314-001) [MWF 1000-1050A]

A number of Nursing courses are available and receptive for Honors Credit Contracts. For more information, speak with a Honors Nursing advisor for courses and faculty. It is best to consult with faculty before the semester.

Science (cross-listed)
HONR-SC 2303-001:
(F. Foss) Organic Chemistry (CHEM 2321) [MWF 900-950a]
HONR-SC 3304-002:
(Betran) Genetics (BIOL 3315) [TBA]
HONR-SC 4407-001:
(lab) HONR-SC 4407-011:
(A. Winguth) Physical Oceanography (GEOL 4465-001) [TR 930-1050A]
(TBA) Physical Oceanography (GEOL 4465-011) [TR 1100-1220P]
Social Work (cross-listed)
HONR-ED 3304-001:
(Yilla) Undergraduate Research Methods (KINE 3325-001) [MWF 100-150P]
SUPA (cross-listed)
HONR-ED 3304-001:
(Yilla) Undergraduate Research Methods (KINE 3325-001) [MWF 100-150P]
Visual / Performing Arts (cross-listed)
HONR-VP 3304-001:
(Andrade, B) Gender in the Performing Arts (THEA 3360-001) [TR 930-1050A]
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