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Wintermester 2014/5 - Updated: 2014-Oct-30

Note - Cancelled HONR-LA 3304-005. (2012-Jan-17)

General Honors Courses
HONR 2111-001:
(Gustafson) Community Service Learning Seminar [MTWRF 800-1150A]
This course offers a brief but intensive introduction to the history, theory, and practice of community service learning. The structure and format of the course will be in keeping with the chief pedagogical assumption of community service learning: that some of the richest academic experiences are both intramural and extramural. The focus here will not just be on community service, but how that service contributes in a meaningful way to understanding a specific disciplinary problem or topic. Students will be expected to keep a journal that tracks the progress of their thinking on this topic or problem, and at the end of the term write an essay on the relation between intramural and extramural knowledge in their field.
For more information, contact Dr. Kevin Gustafson.
Spring 2015 - Updated: 2014-Dec-04

Note - Corrected ENGL 2303-001 -> ENGL 2303-005. (2014-Oct-29)
Note - Corrected time for HONR-UR 4303-001. (2014-Oct-29)
Added course - HONR-LA 4303-006. (2014-Oct-30)
Note - Updated time for HONR-SC 2425. (2014-Oct-30)
Removed course - HONR-LA 2303-001. (2014-Oct-30)
Removed course - HONR-LA 2303-002. (2014-Oct-30)
Instructor change - ENGL 1302-047. (2014-Dec-04)

Honors Sciences
HONR-SC 2425-100,
HONR-SC 2425-101:
(Gornet) Honors Calculus II [TR 1230-150P];
lab: [TR 1100-1150A]
BIOL 1442-001:
(Frederick) Honors Biology II, take any lab section [TR 930-1050A]
there is no special Honors section of chemistry offered.
PHYS 1444-003:
(Sharma) Honors Physics II, take any lab section [TR 930-1050A]
General Honors Courses
ENGL 1302-047:
(Johnson, J) Honors Rhetoric [TR 1100-1220P]
ENGL 2303-005:
(Gustafson / Petruso) From Script to Literature: Wedge, Glyph, Letter [TR 1100-1220P]
A survey of selected cultures that produced some of the earliest literary works surviving to the present day. Consideration of early languages, their evolution and distribution; myths, stories and orality; the genesis, impact and functions of the first scripts (late 4th – 2nd millennia BCE) and their decipherments in the modern era; functions of the earliest scripts; readings in translation of selected written works and discussion of their cultural significance; oral transmission. Among the works to be examined: creation and flood myths; Gilgamesh; Code of Hammurabi; Egyptian adventures stories, didactic and funerary texts, annals, and poetry; Canaanite and Hittite stories; Beowulf. Consideration of ahistorical and nonliterary scripts; the traditions of textual analysis and manuscript transmission.
UTTER Program Courses (cross-listed)
To be announced
HONR-SC 3304-001:
(Kojouharov) Dynamical Systems in Biology (BIOL/MATH 3350) [TR 1230-150P]
HONR-SC 4103-001:
(TBD) Seminar in Mathematical Biology (BIOL/MATH 4150) [F 1100-1150A]

The Undergraduate Training in Theoretical Ecology Research (UTTER) Program provides an integrated research and education experience for cohorts of undergraduates in biology and mathematics. Each cohort of eight students will pursue a two-year program of mentoring, seminars, research, and specially designed interdisciplinary coursework.
Link: http://www.uta.edu/math/utter/

Architecture (cross-listed)
To be announced

Listed below is a special block of courses selected by the Landscape Architecture Program to give Honors students a head-start on the Landscape Architecture Masters program while undergraduates. Courses are offered in the Fall and Spring. For more information about the program, contact Dr. Pat Taylor (pdt@uta.edu).

HONR-AR 4303-001:
(TBD) Land Development Planning (LARC 5302-001) [W 700-950P]
HONR-AR 4303-002:
(TBD) Advanced Communications for Landscape Architects (LARC 5321-001) [M 1200-250P]
HONR-AR 4303-003:
(TBD) Advanced Computer Applications (LARC 5351-001) [TBD]
HONR-AR 4303-004:
(TBD) Urban Design Theory (LARC 5382-001) [W 1200-250P]
HONR-AR 4604-001:
(TBD) Design Studio II (LARC 5662-001) [TR 600-950P]
Prerequisite: Design Studio I (LARC 5661 or equivalent)
Liberal Arts (use credit contract)
ART 2359-001:
(North) Traditional Photography [TR 1100-150P]
ART 2359-002:
(North) Traditional Photography [TR 200-450P]
ART 2360-001:
(North) Digital Photography [TR 800-920A]
Liberal Arts (cross-listed)
HONR-LA 1302-001:
(Warren) Honors Rhetoric [TR 1100-1220P]
HONR-LA 3304-001:
(Agger) Sociology of the 1960s (SOCI 3345-001) [TR 800-920A]
HONR-LA 3304-002:
(Milson, A) Historical Geography–US to 1850 (HIST 3305-001) [TBD]
HONR-LA 3304-003:
(Kunovich) Social Statistics (SOCI 3352-002) [MWF 100-150P]
HONR-LA 3304-004:
(Reeder) The Philosophy of Science and Technology (PHIL 3318-001) [TR 200-320P]
HONR-LA 3304-005:
(Chiasson) Herodotus, History, and Hellenism (CLAS 3335-001) [TR 1100-1220P]
HONR-LA 3304-006:
(Rouse, L) Self and Social Identity (SOCI 3318-001) [MWF 100-150P]
HONR-LA 3304-007:
(Rouse, L) Self and Social Identity (SOCI 3318-002) [MWF 200-250P]
HONR-LA 3304-008:
(Rouse, L) Social Statistics (SOCI 3352-001) [MWF 1000-1050A]
HONR-LA 3304-009:
(Jacobson) Sociological Theory (SOCI 3372-001) [MWF 900-950A]
HONR-LA 3304-010:
(Speier) Anthropology of Tourism (ANTH 3346-001) [TR 1100-1220P]
HONR-LA 4303-001:
(Elliott) Phonetics and Phonology (SPAN 4330-001) [MWF 1000-1050A]
SPAN 3319 strongly recommended prior to this course
HONR-LA 4303-002:
(Smith, S) Growth, Development, and Evolution (ANTH 4315-001) [MWF 1100-1150A]
HONR-LA 4303-003:
(Adam) Hitler: History and Image (HIST 4383-001) [T 200-450P]
HONR-LA 4303-004:
(Lima) European Art After World War II (ART 4396-001) [TR 930-1050A]
HONR-LA 4303-005:
(Lima) Modern Art in Latin America (ART 4396-002) [TR 1100-1220P]
HONR-LA 4303-006:
(Jalloh) West African & Atlantic Diaspora (HIST 4378-001) [TR 800-920A]

A number of Nursing courses are available and receptive for Honors Credit Contracts. For more information, speak with a Honors Nursing advisor for courses and faculty. It is best to consult with faculty before the semester.

Science (use credit contract)
GEOL 4465-001:
(Winguth, A) Physical Oceanography [TBD]
Science (cross-listed)
HONR-SC 2303-001:
(Devito) Evolution and Ecology (BIOL 2343-002) [MW 530-650P]
HONR-SC 2303-002:
(Devito) Evolution and Ecology (BIOL 2343-003) [MWF 100-150P]
HONR-SC 3304-002:
(Wilk-Blaszczak) Cell Physiology (BIOL 3301-001) [MWF 1000-1050A]
Urban and Regional Planning (cross-listed)
HONR-UR 4303-001:
(Akers) Intro to Native America (INTS 4388-002) [TR 1100-1220P]
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