Honors Credit System
Instructions and Process:

Part A — Creating an Honors Credit Form:

Only a student can initiate a new credit form. Prior to creating the form, the student and faculty must meet and discuss what the proposed requirements for earning Honors credit in the course will be. When the details are known, the student will complete the correct credit form (Contract or Designation) and save it. Once saved, the student cannot make changes. The credit form is inactive until it has the faculty member's signature. The Honors Credit System contains the list of Inactive credit forms and they are sorted by the Faculty Signature Deadline. Typically this deadline is Census Date, but some courses have an earlier deadline (e.g., 8-week courses in Nursing). No new forms may be created after this date.

In some instances, the faculty may elect to revise the proposed work. When this occurs, the student will receive an email directing them to log into the Honors Credit System and review the changes.

When creating a new credit form, the system will automatically remove courses that are ineligible for contracting or designating for Honors credit, courses already contracted or designated for credit, and courses with an HONR prefix. The remaining classes will appear in the drop-down list no earlier than five days before the first day of class.

Once a credit form has both the student and faculty signatures it becomes active and no further revisions are permitted. The Honors College reviews the proposed requirements of all credit forms for eligibility and rigor. The student can begin working on the proposed requirements as soon as the form is active, as the Honors College review may take several days to complete. The form is considered valid, unless issues are found or further clarification is needed.

If there are problems with a credit form, the Honors College will contact the student via their MavMail. The student must consult with the faculty member to improve or modify the proposed requirements. Both the student and faculty member are required to sign the credit form again before the revision deadline, which is typically seven days after the notification is sent.

It is the responsibility of the student to check the status of their Credit Contracts and Designation Forms before the deadline and to remind the faculty member, if necessary.

Part B — Finalizing an Honors Credit Contract:

The faculty member can approve a Credit Contract at any time by providing a second signature on the form, once the requirements of the contract have been completed to their satisfaction. A contract is considered void if the faculty does not provide a second signature, rejects the work done by the student as substandard, or if the student fails to fulfill the requirements by the stated deadline.

Additionally, the student must complete the Reflection Section of the Credit Contract prior to the stated deadline. The Reflection Section is opened to the student: a) once the faculty member has provided their second signature indicating approval of the work done; or b) seven days prior to the last official day of class. A contract that does not have the Reflection Questions completed by the stated deadline is considered incomplete and will not receive Honors credit.

The deadline for finalizing Credit Contracts is typically the last official day of class, which in accordance with university records; however, some courses have an earlier deadline (e.g., 8-week courses in Nursing). A list of Active contracts is sorted by the due date in the Honors Credit System and can be viewed at any time by signing in.

It is the responsibility of the student to check the status of their Credit Contracts before the deadline, and remind the faculty member, if necessary.

Important Note:
Honors Designation Forms do not require the faculty member to provide a second signature; however, faculty who feel that a student's completed work is not sufficient for earning Honors credit does have the option of notifying the Honors College and withdrawing their approval.

Honors Credit Notations:

At the end of each semester, students who have completed Honors Credit Contracts and Designation Forms and who have earned an A or a B in those courses, will have their information sent to the Office of Student Records to so that the Honors credit can be noted on their transcript.

The Office of Student Records inputs these notations into each student record individually; thus, the process can take several weeks. Please allow up to eight weeks for the notations to appear before contacting the Honors College.

Privacy Statement and Information:

You may be entitled to know what information UT Arlington (UTA) collects concerning you. You may review and have UTA correct this information according to procedures set forth in UT System BPM #32. The law is found in sections 552.021, 552.023 and 559.004 of the Texas Government Code. For more information, UTA's Privacy Policy is available on-line.