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The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

Current Students

Honors College Listserv

The Honors College has established a Listserv that is open to anyone interested in the Honors activities. The content mainly consists of academic and scholarship opportunities, UTA and Honors College events and other things that we feel are of interest to our students. You are automatically added to the Honors ListServ when you join the Honors College.

The Honors College uses the Honors College web site and the ListServ as the mechanisms for informing our students. An archive is maintained of all of the items sent to the ListServ. This way, an individual need not subscribe to keep informed.

The ListServ software automatically culls bad addresses. The system tracks bounced messages and will drop you automatically after a number of failures.

The subscription form provides a simple mechanism for individuals to subscribe, change their subscription address, and to remove themselves from the ListServ. The subscriber options form allows subscribers to change the type of emails they receive.