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The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

Scholarships and Fellowships

Dana Dunn Scholarship in Service Learning

Thanks to a generous endowment by Jim and Cheryl Lewis, the Honors College is pleased to announce a new scholarship in honor of Dr. Dana Dunn, former UTA Provost and Associate Professor of Sociology.

The Honors College has always encouraged students to participate in community service and to approach service as an opportunity to develop their skills as researchers and problem-solvers. The Dana Dunn Scholarship is designed to fund independent summer projects rooted in a service learning placement.

Projects based in an agency, institution or organization in the DFW Metroplex are particularly encouraged, but they may take place elsewhere. Dana Dunn Scholarship Projects may serve as the basis for awardees’ Honors Senior Projects.

Applying for the scholarship is done through Mav Scholarshop.


Currently enrolled Honors students in good academic standing who will be juniors or seniors in the coming fall semester are eligible. Funds will be disbursed to student accounts in late spring. The proposed project will take place during the summer, typically during the Summer semester.


Proposals should be submitted in hard copy to the attention of Honors College Interim Dean Dr. Kevin Gustafson in College Hall 108. They should include the following components (along with supporting materials as pertinent):

  • Application cover sheet
  • Narrative summary of your proposed project
  • Your preparation and qualifications to carry out the project
  • Schedule of activities, as pertinent
  • Rationale with respect to your degree plan and/or subsequent academic or professional goals (i.e., how this project will advance your education and/or career)
  • A letter of endorsement of your project by a UT Arlington faculty member qualified to evaluate it
  • In some cases, documentation assuring the feasibility of your project may be required before funds are released.


The awardee will be obliged to submit a report upon completion of the project, describing the experience, goals met and unmet, and further plans (if any) related to the project.

For further information, contact Interim Dean Kevin Gustafson.