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The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

The Honors College — The University of Texas at Arlington

Honors College Scholarships

Nancy C. Sommerman Memorial Scholarship

The Nancy C. Sommerman Memorial Endowment is established at The University of Texas at Arlington through a generous gift from Mr. Andrew B. Sommerman. This scholarship is in memory of Nancy C. Sommerman, Andrew B. Sommerman's mother. It is to provide financial assistance to full-time students at UTA.

Eligibility Requirements: Full-time Honors undergraduates participating in extra-curricular activities.

Additional Exceptions and Limitations: You will not be considered for this Scholarship if you are awarded the Charles R. Knerr or the Luther Wayne Odom Scholarship.

Award Amount: $500 per year.

Number of Awards: 1 student.

Other Information: Activities of the applicant such as internships, volunteer activities, awards, other indications of academic excellence, a 3.2 GPA, and full-time status.

Additional required materials:

  1. One recommendation letter
  2. A one-page essay discussing your academic, personal, and professional goals and why you should be considered for the scholarship