June 2009

Photographs by Karl Petruso



Tantallon Castle with Bass Rock


Dun Ottar Castle


Dun Ottar Castle


Ring of Brodgar, Orkney


Glen Coe, Highlands


Doune Castle


On the summit of Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh. Front row, from left: Aaron Elkins, Ashley Jameson,
Philip Dunn, Prof. Lynn Peterson, Andrea Russell, Krystal Craiker, Paula Dickson. Middle row: Paul Blankenship,
Andras Bodolai, Hannah Davis. Rear, standing: Ian Sutherland (pouting because I told him not to mug
for the camera), Daniel Scott, Emmelene Fernando holding Gunther (some sort of stuffed rodent she
schlepped across the Atlantic for reasons known only to her), Isabelle Smith (mugging for the camera),
Prof. Stanley Palmer


Melrose Abbey


Organ, St. Giles's Cathedral, Edinburgh


Elgin Cathedral during the total solar eclipse on the day of the summer solstice
(June 21, 5:51 pm). Solar eclipses happen frequently at this latitude, and are
particularly intense when they occur on the solstice


Melrose Abbey, interior


Ring of Brodgar, Orkney


Glasgow Necropolis: John Knox Monument (right) and an obelisk
being consumed by ivy


Glasgow Necropolis: interior of the mausoleum of William Rae Wilson


Oak barrels, Glenmorangie Distillery


Dun Ottar Castle


St. Michael's Church, Linlithgow Palace


Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness


Atop Cairnpapple Hill. Seated, from left: Andras Bodolai, Ashley Jameson, Paul Blankenship,
Prof. Stanley Palmer, Andrea Russell, Philip Dunn, Prof. Lynn Peterson, Ian Sutherland, Krystal Craiker,
Hannah Davis. Standing: Emmelene Fernando (mugging, and yet again holding the rodent),
Paula Dickson, Daniel Scott, Aaron Elkins, Isabelle Smith, Brian Tainsh


Brian, a true gentleman and superb traveling companion, at the tiller