(excluding site reports)

       The following works will be of use to you in this course. They are recommended as starting sources for your research papers and as reliable supplements to your course texts. This list is selective and in some cases idiosyncratic; it should by no means be construed as comprehensive.


Aldred, Cyril, The Egyptians, 3rd ed. (London 1998)
Baines, J. and J. Malek, Atlas of Ancient Egypt (rev. ed., New York 2000)
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Herodotus, The Histories (Book II is on Egypt). Many translations and editions available
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MYTHOLOGY, RELIGION, AND MAGIC (see also Death and Burial, below)

Allen, J.P. Genesis in Egypt: The Philosophy of Ancient Egyptian Creation Accounts (New Haven 1988)
Andrews, Carol, Amulets of Ancient Egypt (Austin 1994)
Anthes, R., "Mythology in Ancient Egypt," in S. Kramer, ed., Mythologies of the Ancient World (Garden City, New York 1961)
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DEATH AND BURIAL (see also Mythology, Religion, and Magic, above)

Andrews, Carol, Egyptian Mummies (Cambridge, MA 1984)
Bierbrier, Morris, The Tomb Builders of the Pharaohs (Cairo and New York 1982)
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Decker, Wolfgang, Sports and Games of Ancient Egypt (New Haven 1992)
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Lesko, Leonard H., ed., Pharaoh's Workers: The Villagers of Deir el Medina (Ithaca, NY 1994)
Manniche, Lisa, An Ancient Egyptian Herbal (Austin 1989)
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Manniche, Lisa, Sexual Life in Ancient Egypt (New York 1987)
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Trigger, Bruce, Nubia Under the Pharaohs (London 1976)
Ward, William, Egypt and the East Mediterranean World, 2200-1900 B.C. (Beirut 1971)


       The primary scholarly journal in English is the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, published in England. Egypt is covered fairly well in the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research and Biblical Archaeologist (renamed Near Eastern Archaeology in 1997). Biblical Archaeologist is not to be confused with the Biblical Archaeology Review. A popular magazine that focuses on Egypt is KMT. The journals Antiquity and American Journal of Archaeology and the magazine Archaeology are very reputable, and occasionally publish articles on ancient Egypt.


       As is the case with all websites, their reliability for scholarly purposes varies greatly. Here are a few that are worth browsing; they should be useful to you in your research and as a complement to your assigned reading for the course:

Archaeology of Egypt: Research Resources, a listing of online articles, dissertations and reference works compiled by John Dillard, Anthropology Subject Librarian in the UTA Libraries. This is an invaluable compilation of general and specific works which will be of use to you as you explore your research paper topic.

The Ancient Egypt Site, composed by André Dollinger, is reliable and useful, and is the source of many of the assigned readings on the syllabus.

UCLA Egyptology website
A good scholarly website, with useful links to databases, ancient texts, and downloadable hieroglyphic fonts.

Theban Mapping Project
This is one of the most stunning websites you will find, providing among other things a beautifully instructive interactive tour of the Valley of the Kings. It is very rich in visuals, and repays frequent visits.

Egyptian Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts has one of the finest collections of Egyptian art in the world. In December 2000 the MFA website commenced a four-year project of posting its extensive archives on its archaeological investigations at Giza, where the museum conducted research in collaboration with Harvard University from 1905 to 1942. This site will surely repay frequent consultation over the coming years.

Egyptology Resources at the University of Cambridge
This site is maintained by a scholar at the Newton Institute of the University of Cambridge, but is not an official academic site. It contains links to universities, museums, professional organizations, and journals, and is worth surfing.

North Texas Society of the American Research Center in Egypt
The local ARCE chapter sponsors frequent guest lectures and workshops by eminent Egyptologists who visit from universities and museums around the world. The events are held in the evenings, most often at SMU. The membership is diverse, consisting largely of enthusiastic avocational Egyptologists in the Metroplex area.

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