ANTH 3371/HONR 3303:
Archæology of Classical Greece

Prof. Karl Petruso, Program in Anthropology
Spring Semester 2007

     The books, articles and websites listed below will be useful to you as you prepare your research paper. An effort has been made to include reliable works on broad topics rather than, e.g., specialized archaeological site reports. You will find their bibliographies particularly useful as you explore your chosen topic. Contact Prof. Petruso if you want recommendations for more specialized resources.


Classical archaeology: History, theory, critique

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Sanctuaries and religion
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Agriculture and foodways
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Houses, households and daily life
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Ancient Greek history and society
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Theater, theaters and dramatic festivals
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Music and dance
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Ships, sailing and naval architecture
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Warfare and weapons
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Death and burial
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Oxford Classical Dictionary (abbr. OCD). Alphabetical listing of proper names as well as topical essays; short bibliography for each entry.
Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization. Excellent essays on hundreds of topics, with some illustrations.  
Real-Encyclopädie der klassischen Altertumswissenschaft (also called Pauly-Wissowa; abbr. PW or RE). The primary reference source for all subjects within the realm of classical antiquity. Exists in a 5-volume abridged version (Die kleine Pauly). Articles in German.
Cambridge Ancient History (abbr. CAH). A multi-volume, multi-authored work that is much more than a history. Particularly useful are its articles on the preclassical period. Maps accompany the text; illustrations in separate plates volumes.


The main journals that report on Greek archaeology are the following (many of the foreign-language journals listed below publish some articles in English). Several are available online in full-text format through the UTA Libraries website.

American Journal of Archaeology
Hesperia (journal of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens)
Annual of the British School at Athens (BSA)
Journal of Hellenic Studies (JHS)
Archaeological Reports (AR)

Bulletin de Correspondance Héllenique
Revue Archéologique (RA)

Jahrbuch des deutschen archäologischen Institut (JdI )
Athenische Mitteilungen (AM)
Archäologischer Anzeiger (AA)

MODERN GREEK:                                    
Athens Annals of Archaeology
(AAA). Articles in Greek have summaries in English, French or German.
Archaiologikon Deltion (Deltion or ArchDelt)
Archaiologikon Ephemeris (AE or ArchEph)
Praktika tes Archaiologikes Etaireias (PAE)

Archaeology of the Prehistoric Aegean (created by Prof. Jeremy Rutter of Dartmouth College to support his undergraduate course in Aegean prehistory. Excellent summary of the Stone and Bronze Ages, with particularly good coverage of Minoan and Mycenaean civilization. Profusely illustrated)
Metis (an extraordinary site, providing virtual, controllable tours of several dozen Greek archaeological sites. Links to written source material)
The Athenian Agora (site and museum; good illustrations of artifacts, architectural plans, etc.)
Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites (concise descriptions of the major monuments, topography, history, and cults associated with each site. Seminal bibliographies, including archaeological site reports, for each entry, and some images. Type the name of an ancient site into its search engine)
Perseus Digital Library (digital archive of ancient texts, secondary sources and images of Greek and Roman antiquity)
Ancient World Mapping Project (maps of the ancient world which can be downloaded and printed)


Dallas Museum of Art (a representative collection of Greek sculpture and pottery; excellent collection of ancient jewelry)
Kimbell Museum, Fort Worth (a small but impressive collection of Greek antiquities, well worth seeing)

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