A Preliminary Report on Excavations and Related Studies, 1992-1994
Part 3



       The research described above has been supported since 1991 by generous grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Institute for Aegean Prehistory, the International Research and Exchanges Board, the Office of the President of The University of Texas at Arlington, and the Archaeological Institute of the Academy of Sciences, Republic of Albania. The authors wish to acknowledge with gratitude the financial and moral support provided by these sources.
       The authors also wish to acknowledge here the many contributions of the following staff members in field seasons 1992-95: Mr. Adem Bunguri, field supervisor (Instituti Arkeologjik, Shkodër); Ms. Melissa Canady, field supervisor (University of Texas at Arlington); Mr. Robert Cook, filmmaker (Venice, California); Ms. Leola LeBlanc, microfaunal analyst (Trent University, Ontario, Canada); Dr. Reinder Reinders, field palynologist (Archaeologisch Centrum, Gröningen, The Netherlands); Dr. Joseph Schuldenrein, geoarchaeologist (Riverdale, New York, USA); Mr. Halil Shabani, field supervisor and foreman (town of Konispol); Mr. Thomas Tartaron, ceramics specialist (Yale University); Dr. Jere M. Wickens, field supervisor (Lawrence University, Wisconsin, USA); and Mr. Ilir Zaloshnja, staff artist (Instituti Arkeologjik, Tiranë).
       During a brief trip to Ioannina, Greece in summer 1995, we enjoyed the hospitality of Drs. Angelika Dousougli and Kostas Zachos of the Greek Archaeological Service, Ephoreia of Epirus. While in Ioannina we profited immensely from discussions with Dr. Curtis Runnels of Boston University, who specializes in prehistoric Greek lithics, and other members of the Nikopolis Project, who graciously showed us the prehistoric finds from that survey.


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