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Honors College Council Officer Candidates

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President  Vice-President  Treasurer  Secretary  Historian  Webmaster  Public Relations  

President Duties:
• Provide vision for organization and direction for the semester/year events.
• Attends all HCC events and meetings.
• Chairs all HCC Meetings and provisional ad hoc committees.
• Coordinates all HCC events and programs.
• Responsible for setting the agenda for all HCC Executive Board and General Body meetings.
• Must represent the Honors College at events as requested by the Honors College.
• Will perform other duties as defined in the HCC constitution and as necessary.

Alena Bennett
I wish to further my involvement in the Honors College by holding a position as the President or Vice President of the Honors College Council. I feel that I am a good fit for these positions, as I have experience serving as an executive member of the Honors College Council for the 2018-2019 academic year.
My current position as Historian has provided me the leadership experience necessary for these positions. Furthermore, I have gained familiarity with the Honors College, including development of relationships among our faculty and students.
I would use my knowledge to implement changes, in an effort to provide honors students with the best experience possible in the upcoming aid year.

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Prishmi Nagarajan
I was an officer this past year in the Honors College Council, and it's been a truly rewarding experience. Through this position, I have been able to connect with other Honors College students and plan events that build a variety of connections. Connections involving research, personalized advice for my major, and making what I know will be lasting friendships.
By applying for the position of President or Vice President, I hope to foster more relationships and opportunities for Honors Students. Using my leadership experience this year, I plan to further develop the identity of the Honors College Council. When this organization comes to mind, I want members to know they have a safe place on campus for their opinions to be heard and valued. As President or Vice President, I would listen and do everything in my power to ensure that more doors open to Honors Students.

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Godswill Nwaosu
My name is Godswill Nwaosu. I am Running for a leadership position in the Honors College Council
with the intention of gaining the opportunity to serve me peers by performing the duties associated with the Vice President or President. The decision to be in a position to influence the experience of the scholars
of the Honors College was made because I completed my honors requirement last semester and this will
give me an opportunity to go beyond what is required of me as well as continue to be a part of something
that is bigger than I.
I believe i am a good fit for this position because i have a desire to to better the experience of each family member of the Honors College; i do not believe these position are required to achieve these desires, as a result, i will continue to perform such actions and seek opportunities that will enhance the experience of each Honors Scholar and i encourage my peers to do the same. I also believe my leadership experience in the military for the past eight years will enhance my abilities to perform the obligations that will be required of me if my peers deem me fit for the position.

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Thomas Tran
I'd like to have the experience of leading and neatly organizing the planning of next year's HCC events, and to serve as an accessible point of communication to get the varied roles of the exec board working in tandem. As a current officer, I can offer experience on what should be done differently next year.

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Sarah Wolff
As a student who has been deeply blessed by the Honors College, I would thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to give back to this institution as an officer in the HCC. This organization has truly become a home away from home for me and I would be honored to serve as a leader in this outstanding college. I believe I would be a good addition to the HCC as the President because I have previous experience in student body government, a desire to bring an enthusiastic energy to the council, and a firm belief in the values of our Honors College. I believe I would represent our college well and encourage a greater sense of community among our students. With the help of the rest of the council, I hope to continue to add new and engaging traditions to the honors college experience. I would also be thrilled to serve as the Secretary for the HCC as much of my previous involvement in student government included working as a secretary for various organizations. I thrive on the detail work that secretaries must accomplish, and I would be delighted to apply my set of skills to this position in the HCC.

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